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Advanced Metal Gate Electrode Options Compatible with ALD and AVD® HfSiOx-based Gate Dielectrics

Authors : Dr. Sasangan Ramanathan, Karim, Zia; Biossiere, Olivier; Lohe, Christoph; Zhang, Zhihong; Park, Woong; Manke, Christian; Baumann, Peter K; Dalton, Jeremie; Lindner, Johannes; others

Publisher :The Electrochemical Society

Adaptive Scalable Wavelet Difference Reduction Method for Efficient Image Transmission

Authors : Dr. M. R. Kaimal, . S. Bindulal

Publisher :ICVGIP, Springer Berlin Heidelberg

Performance improvement of classifier in fault diagnosis of rotating machines using sensor fusion techniques

Authors : Dr. Saimurugan M., M. Sundaram S

Publisher :International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology,

Study of Hardness and Wear Behaviour of Surface Modified AA 7075 with WC Using GTA

Authors : A. Shanmugasundaram, Dr. Sanjivi Arul, J Abhinavaram; R Prashanth; S Jagadeesh; R. Sellamuthu .

Publisher :Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences.

Adaptation in Pervasive Computing Environments: A Multi-Agent Approach

Authors : Dr. Vivek Menon

Publisher :Proc. of International Symposium on Ad Hoc and Ubiquitous Computing (ISAHUC'06), IEEE Press

Performance Evaluation of Adhesive Spur Gear with the Influence of Properties of Adhesive

Authors : Dr. M. Ramu, Dr. Govindaraju M., S. R., Dr. M. Ramu,, Karthikeyan K., and Veerasamy, S

Publisher :Advances in Computational Methods in Manufacturing,

Activity of the major staphylococcal autolysin Atl

Authors : Dr. Raja Biswas, Voggu, Lalitha; Simon, Uwe Karsten; Hentschel, Petra; Thumm, Günther; Götz, Friedrich

Publisher :The Oxford University Press

Acoustic study of nano-crystal embedded PbO-P2O5 glass

Authors : Dr. Sudip Kumar Batabyal, Paul, A; Roychoudhury, P; Basu, C

Publisher :Springer India

Optimization of Process Parameters of Epoxy Granite for Strength and Damping Characteristics Using TOPSIS Method

Authors : Dr. M. Ramu, Chinnuraj, S., Ramaswamy, T., Venkatachalam, M., Nataraj, M., Murugan, R., and Selvakumar, M.

Publisher :Journal of Testing and Evaluation 49

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