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Rediscovering Metaraminol

Authors : Kakkar G, Qadir N

Publisher :Journal of Neurosurgical Anaesthesiology

CALL Software: Evaluation

Authors : Jeyalakshmi, S.

Publisher :R. M. K. College of Engineering and Technology in collaboration with Education Technology Unit, Central Institute of Indian Languages

Effect of fast rotation on neutron stars

Authors : B. K. Sharma, T. K. Jha

Publisher :International Symposium on Nuclear Physics

Nuclear symmetry energy effects in finite nuclei and neutron star

Authors : B. K. Sharma, Subrata Pal

Publisher :Phys. Lett

Emergence of Cultural Studies

Authors : K. Balakrishnan

S-Matrix based unified calculation of Q-values and half lives of alpha-decay of super heavy elements

Authors : P Prema, S. Mahadevan, C. S. Shastry, A. Bhagawat, Y. K. Gambhir

Publisher :Proceedings of the DAE-SNP

Electrical properties of conducting polyphenylene sulfide graphite hybrid composites

Authors : Ramanujam BTS, Kanchan Nehete

Publisher :Macmillan Publishers India

Evaluation of estrogen receptor and circulating estradiol levels in pre and post menopausal women with periodontal disease

Authors : Jai Karthik, Johnson R. James, K.V. Arun, Sabitha Sudarsan, Avaneendra Talwar

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