Project Incharge: 
Sruthi Krishna
Amrita Center for Wireless Networks and Applications (AmritaWNA)
Funding Agency: 
WoS Programme

A low cost non-invasive screening technique for breast cancer is highly demanded, since the number of women having breast cancer is increasing day by day. Infrared (IR) or medical thermography is a noninvasive imaging technique that is capable of detecting the abnormality even ten years before the on-set of the disease. This project aims to develop an affordable system for the early detection of breast cancer using infrared imaging technique.

It mainly involves compilation of dataset with the help of thermal camera based system and analysis of the acquired breast thermograms with the help of machine learning algorithms to detect abnormalities in the breast thermograms. The proposed low cost system helps the rural community of India. Nowadays the screening methodologies are expensive and not affordable to rural people. As this system is low cost, portable, non invasive, it helps the people to avoid long way travelling to tertiary hospitals from rural areas. The device is targeted to use in hospitals, clinics, primary and community health centres and private practitioners in rural areas. In addition, this system can be used for women with age less than 40 for the early detection of cancer.

PI: Sruthi Krishna
Scientist MentorDr. Maneesha V Ramesh
Team LeaderBetsy George

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