Project Incharge: 
Dr. Prem Nair
Amrita Clinical Skills Simulation Center
School of Medicine
Funding Agency: 
DBT, Other agencies in Government of India and Industry

Medical research is vital to advance the cause of medical science. However, there are increasing complexities in devices and therapeutics, and with this comes enhanced risk of patient harm.

A rigorous hands-on training program that makes best use of the latest educational modalities like clinical simulation and multimedia education can improve research skills, operator performance, enhance work of teams, and reduce incidence of medical errors. In India, where there is greater variation among investigators, practitioners and environments of care, such training has the potential for enormous impact.

There is strong departmental research activity at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, Kochi, primarily evaluating issues related to management of patients at Amrita Hospital. The table below provides information on the total number of clinical trials carried out at different departments. All these clinical trials are sponsored by industry.

Over 100 clinical trial projects are being conducted in the following departments:

Animal House Gastrology
Neurology Psychology
Cardiology General Medicine
Neurosurgery Urology
CVTS GI & Vascular Surgery
Oncology Dermatology
Head and Neck Ophthalmology
Endocrinology Nephrology
Paediatric Cardiology  
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