International Programs

Thematic Area: Agriculture & Risk Management

Project Guide(s): Mrs. Sindhu Manoj and Mr. Renjith Mohan, Center for International Programs

International Partner(s): Lancelot Dupont, Grenoble INP, France

Amrita Partners: Karra Venkata Lakshmi Sri, Vasanth Sathyanarayanan, Prithvi C. H., Sooraj Suseel Kumar, and Ashwin Krithik M.

Village: Harirampur, Rajasthan

Project Duration: One semester

Identified Challenge & Aim: In spite of the large scale mechanization of agriculture across India, agricultural operations are still carried out by human hand using simple and conventional tools like sickle, hoe, rake, etc. Farmers engage in manual labor for long hours resulting in serious healthimplications. However, many farmers have become accustomed to the resulting health problems and have resigned themselves to living with them.

The Study/Innovation: The team went around the village and made a resource map to give them a clear picture of the sustainable resources available in the village and to understand the quantity of those available resources. The team also made observations about village life such as daily routines and conducted a focus group discussions with farmers on current perceptions of mechanized farming. During this time, a collaborative brainstorming session was held with village leaders and farmers to understand the pain points.

The team concluded that better work practices and mechanization will reduce the adverse effects of human labor on agricultural lands. Also, mechanization will reduce the time factor making it more efficient, increasing the quality and quantity. The session concluded with some viable options. The project also included a visit to regional agricultural department to understand current government schemes and a visit to the district collector's office to sanction a major road and dairy farm for villagers. Students subsequently designed, developed, and proposed a mechanization plan to increase efficiency and yield and decrease the burden on farmers.

Addresses Sustainable Development Goals:

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