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Dr. Prema Nedungadi
Dr. Shyam Sundar
Dr. Sushama
Saturday, November 30, 2019
Tribal Center of Excellence
Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda
School of Engineering
School of Ayurveda
Funding Agency: 
Ministry of Tribal Affairs


Integrative Health and Wellbeing - Strengthening Tribal Health with Preventative Care and Awareness

The Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, has declared Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham as a Center of Excellence in Tribal Empowerment (Tribal CoE). This multidisciplinary center has faculty expertise from various Amrita departments.

The Integrative Health and Wellbeing - Strengthening Tribal Health with Preventative Care and Awareness program is a collaborative effort of Amrita Center for Research in Analytics, Technologies & Education (AmritaCREATE) and Amrita Centre for Advanced Research in Ayurveda (ĀCĀRA). 

In remote areas, the nearest Public Health Centre (PHC) maybe a few villages away and traveling there may result in loss of daily wages. In such villages, health workers provide the first line of support. 

In some tribal areas, the villagers consult with tribal healers for consultations and treatments.

A holistic training for preventive care that includes basic tests such as checking BP, and blood glucose level, and that facilitates referral of patients to the nearest PHC is envisioned.

The project aims at creating awareness about health and hygiene, along with simple natural remedies with traditional Ayurveda understanding based on their current locally available diet.

This project aims to improve health care in tribal areas by integrating government PHC’s, Allopathic and Ayurveda practitioners and Traditional Healers. The gap analysis study will give us a picture of which areas Ayurvedic practitioners could provide care. The goal is to support specific health and wellbeing requirements in a holistic fashion by providing training to tribal healers/health workers. Local produce can support immunity, nutrition and wellbeing. Ayurvedic-based preventive care training for tribal healers and health workers will be provided for the prevention and management of both common ailments such as diabetes and hypertension and acute illnesses such as diarrhea and pneumonia. A holistic approach to health will be emphasized in the care of the villagers.

Project objective

  • Supporting health and wellbeing in a holistic fashion in the villages by providing health awareness to the community.
  • Preventive Ayurvedic Care - Training Health Workers and Tribal Healers – with the following understanding.
    • To evaluate the contribution of Traditional Tribal Healers in public health of their village in Odisha.
    • To recommend inputs for improving their contributions in public health based on the data collected.

Geographical Area

The project is being conducted in villages of Odisha: Barapitta, Guptapada, Haridamada, Bindiyagiri.

Target group

Health workers, Tribal Healers and the four village communities.

Main activities of the program

  • Conducting a comprehensive household survey
    • To determine cultural and traditional aspects that impact health 
    • To assess current health practices and preferences for tribal healers/PHC/health workers or others
    • To determine how Ayurveda can or does help improve health outcomes in the target group
    • To enhance training programs based on needs of the communities
  • Digital Training of Health Workers
  • A holistic approach: Curriculum designed and delivery based on knowledge gaps in COVID -19, Read more
  • Training session conducted on 21 June (International Yoga Day 2020) by Ayurveda Doctors
  • COVID -19 awareness house visit conducted by Health Workers

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