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Workshops / Seminars / Conferences Organized
  • Hands-on Workshop on Basic and Advanced 3D Graphic Designing
    A Hands-on Workshop on Basic and Advanced 3D Graphic Designing and Modelling was conducted using Blender 2.81, at the School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bengaluru, on March 1, 2020. M. D. Sai Charan and Bharadwaj V. S. from BTech (Semester 6) Mechanical Engineering conducted the workshop.
    Blender is a free and open-source 3D creation suite that supports modelling, animation, rendering, motion tracking, etc. The workshop helped the students to progress from beginner to intermediate levels in Blender. Students could learn about mesh manipulation, modifier functions, basic animations, texturing, character design and some shortcuts to work faster and efficiently. All the participants found that the workshop was informative and worthwhile and showed interest to attend the next level of workshop.
  • Indian Rover Design Challenge (IRDC)
    The next frontier for human settlement other than exploration or mere resource extraction is probably Mars. It is our goal as members of the engineering community to open barriers and come up with new ways to implement ideas by designing and innovating to assist astronauts and researchers with future space explorations.
    Indian Rover Design Challenge (IRDC) challenges students to design Mars Rovers which shall be fully equipped and mission ready for Operation on Mars. The first edition of IRDC was organized by the Mars Society South Asia (MSSA) in May, 2020. IRDC is a completely off-site competition and no physical inception of designs is mandated to the teams. The teams had a span of two and a half months to formulate the design strategy and finish the design.
    The primary objective of the competition is to design a rover to assist astronauts in tasks such as servicing, collecting rock samples and carrying out various analysis to determine the presence of life on the Red planet.
    Our rover is a feature-packed and has modular design that offers a possibility of integrating numerous attributes such as soil collection and sampling, landscape mapping, moisture detection, traversal, and so on. It holds various instruments on its deck such as the Electronics box, Robotic Arm, Gripper box, navigations cameras and antennas. The team gained a lot of knowledge and insight while gathering information for the project and formulating the Engineering Design Report (EDR). It was truly an enthralling experience, and kept the team engaged despite the challenging times.
    The results were declared on August 15, 2020. The team is ecstatic and honoured to bag the 6th position among 28 international teams that participated across seven countries. Team Rover ASEB scored a total of 747 out of 1000 points in the EDR submission.
  • Robophilia 2020 – Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru
    The event  ‘Robophilia’ was conducted on February 25, 2020, by ACROM & IEEE-RAS of the School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bengaluru, with a registration of 42 teams (2 – 3 members in a team). The event was about learning simulation software called ‘TINKERCAD’, which is used for designing and simulating circuits including Arduino. The event began with introducing the objective of the event, and the participants were taught about basic electronic sensors and their working principles. Later the participants had hands on experience in the simulation software ‘Tinkercad’ while they were taught how to use the software. This was followed by competition among the participants in which participants are supposed to come up with a solution to any real-time problem by designing a circuit using Tinkercad. This tested the creativity and level of usage of software by the participants to design the circuit in limited time. The event ended up to be a successful event in learning and testing the skills in Tinkercad of the participants.
  • Talk: Deep Learning: Applications Design, Development and Deployment in IoT Edge
    On February 5, 2020, students of  B. Tech. and M. Tech. at the School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bengaluru, had a chance to interact with an esteemed speaker Dr. Jayakumar who talked about Deep Learning. His talk was inspired by the audience. The event saw enthusiastic participation by the curious student community at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru. Ms. B. Uma Maheswari and Dr. Navin Kumar were key people in providing support and encourage students to actively participate. Vice-chair (IEEE student branch), Prajwal K.S introduced the speaker to the audience as a person of prominence.
    Dr. Jayakumar, is an experienced CTO and has over 29 years of experience in the signal processing industry and has worked in various fields, ideating, prototyping and triggering solutions of quality to challenges in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering and is currently working on innovating mathematics for neural network and associated computations.
    Dr. Jayakumar captured the student’s attention by interrelating math, neural networks and the vastness of deep learning and defining bridges/ relations between various related fields. He spoke of the emergence of deep learning and accredited its founding to prominent figures like Geoffrey Hinton, Alex Krizhevsky and Ilya Sutskever. Interesting examples and inferences were made, pertaining Boltzmann Machine, how training networks may result in meaningful work, using artificial intelligence to program complicated machines and how math is crucial and is interlinked to the subject at the discussion. Applications of deep learning such as image and object classification, semantic segmentation and so on, were mentioned in chronological order of emergence of the technology. Dr. Jayakumar also attempted to inspire students and mentioned unexplored future implications of the technology and how it is presently being used in the industry (such as Inter-Processor Computing – which as he states are his current interests).
    The event ended with a gesture to thank Dr. Jayakumar and positive feedback from the audience.  Inspired students were then seen interacting with Dr. Jayakumar for guidance and also mentorship, which was actively encouraged by Dr. Navin Kumar.
  • Hands-on Training Program – DevOps: Data Analytics using Python, Leveraging AWS Cloud
    The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bengaluru, conducted a two day hands-on training program on “DevOps: Data Analytics using Python, leveraging AWS Cloud” from January 22-23, 2020. The sessions were handled by Balamurugan Karuppusamy, Director, XaaSTek Consulting Pvt. Ltd. and Devendra Singh, XaaSTek Consulting Pvt. Ltd. The training has been designed to use AWS cloud and a Python-based Data Analytics Project.  The labs were designed to reinforce the learning of best practices in Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management and Integration of software throughout its life cycle. Around 100 students from B. Tech. (CSE) and M. Tech. (CSE/DSC) batches attended the training and benefited from the same.

January 2019 – June 2019

  • Talk on “Application-specific soft-GPGPU for the LDPC decoder case” : by Dr. Gabriel Falcao, University of Coimbra, Portugal, was organised by Dr. Madhura Purnaprajna, on 11th April 2019 at Krishna Hall for the faculty members, research scholars and PG students.

One-day Workshop on the Automation of Image Processing & Analysis using Cloud Infrastructure

  • The Computational Intelligence and Computer Vision Thrust Area Group, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru successfully conducted one-day Workshop on the Automation of Image Processing & Analysis using Cloud Infrastructure at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru on 14th May 2019.

Other than UG students, PG students and research scholars also showed interest to attend the workshop. Workshop helped the students to create customized workflows to automate image processing tasks. The workshop was supported by CARL ZEISS India. The workshop has covered the basics of APEER and Module creation/ Workflow creation in the forenoon session and a hands on session in the afternoon. Forenoon session speaker was Dr. Sreenivas Bhattiprolu, Director of APEER. APEER is a ZEISS initiative to bring the researcher and algorithm Engineer together to accelerate research.

We got a very good feedback from the students who attended the workshop and several batches of students showed interest to do internship on the use cases in the domain of Medical Research supported by AIMS, Kochi. Total number of participants:22

Organizing committee members: Dr. Amudha J – Associate Professor and Chair person CSE and Jyotsna C- Assistant Professor(CSE)

  • Cisco Networking Academy, was offering a course on“CCNA Routing and Switching” which has four modules. The classes starts from 15th May 2019 and ends on 21st June 2019.

One day FDP on “Fundamentals and Object Oriented Concepts in Python with Hands-on Training

  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering organised One day – FDP on “Fundamentals and Object Oriented Concepts in Python with Hands-on Training” on 26th June 2019 for CSE faculty and MTech(CSE) students to enhance programming skills in python and facilitate the faculty for handling the courses in new CSE curriculum that are mostly based on Python programming and to guide various projects. Topics and hands-on session were handled by Ms. D Radha, Assistant Professor, CSE.

Learning Python is necessary as it is widely used, simple, readable, dynamic, object oriented, application maintainable, rich in libraries and compatible with various platforms. Python is intended for desktop GUI application developments, Scientific and Numeric computing, Software developments, Data analysts, Hardware programming, Computer vision projects, Embedded systems programming, Business applications, Electronics projects, Websites and web applications etc.. Features, importance and basic knowledge required to work with python for various applications and programming constructs with hands-on were covered by the speaker.

January 2019

  • Talk on “Tiled Chip Multicore Processor : Future on Chip Super Computers” : A Technical talk on “Tiled Chip Multicore Processor : Future on Chip Super Computers” by Dr. John Jose – IIT – Guwahati, was organised by Department of CSE on 19th January 2019 for the faculty members, research scholars, UG and PG students.

October 2018

  • First Edition of International Conference on Intelligent Computing (ICIC 2018) : The Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru Campus, hosted its First Edition of International Conference on Intelligent Computing (ICIC 2018) with the centralized theme of developing an innovative conduit to holistic Intelligent Computing Methodology on October 25th -27th 2018. This Three Days conference was technically co-sponsored by IEEE Robotics & Automation Society, ASEB Student Chapter, CSI Bangalore Chapter, and ACM Chapter. The financial Sponsors were Top Coder, Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC). This budding conference created an enduring techno-platform for all the researchers, academicians, industry practitioners and had transferred their research findings in the vicinity of intelligent systems such as Robotics, IoT, Cyber Security, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, etc. ICIC 2018 started with the Brain storming Preconference tutorials on 25th October 2018. There were 4 tracks of tutorials on emerging topics of Data Visualization, Data Analytics, Medical Image Processing / Eye Gaze Data Analytics, and IoT/Robotics/Cloud Networking. There were Distinguished Speakers from Intuit, HCG Hospital, Ericsson, and other leading companies for the tutorials. A total of 167 participants attended the tutorial sessions and gained adequate technical know-how of their relevant domains. On 26th October 2018, the conference was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Dr. M. Girish Chandra, Principal Scientist, TCS Research and Innovation, Bengaluru with a Keynote talk on “Some Data Analysis Techniques for Electrical Energy Management and Smart Factory” along with the august presence of Associate Dean Dr. S.G. Rakesh, CSE-Chairman and Steering Committee Chair of conference Dr. J. Amudha, CSE-Vice Chair, Conference chair Dr. N. Rakesh, General Chair of Conference Dr. G.Prakash and the blessings of our Director Br. Dhanraj Swamiji. The ICIC 2018 received a total number of 163 conference papers out of which 92 papers were registered and presented by National and International presenters. There were 17 tracks of Oral Presentation on both days with two other Keynote talks by Dr. Ajay Kattepur, Scientist, TCS Research and Innovation, Bengaluru and Dr. Vishwas Lakkundi, Principal Architect, Smarten Space, Bengaluru on 27th October 2018. The Publication Partners for ICIC 2018 were the 3 eminent SCOPUS indexed publishers: American Scientific Publishers – Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience, AIRCC Publishing Corporation – International Journal of Computer Networks and Communications, Business Systems Research Journal.
    An Exclusive Industry-Academia Meeting was organized by Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC) in coordination with ICIC 2018 on 26th October 2018 @ 2 PM. The topic of this Meet up was to address the Gap between Industry needs and quality of engineering workforce coming out of institutions every year in the field of ICT. This “Industry-Academia Gap and Solution Seeking” discussion helped the academicians and industrialists to seek opinions mutually and find solutions for Curriculum, Approach, Assessment mechanisms, FDP needs, etc.
  • Learn it from The Best : Amrita Networking Club gave an opportunity to the students to interact with the delegates from Cisco TAC. The event was conducted on the 5th October, 2018 from 1:45 PM to 4:00 PM. Precisely 85 students from I, II and III year attended the event.
    The aim of the session was to instigate interest among students in the field of networking, to make them aware of the trends in networking and to give them some amazing tips to get placed in Cisco.
    There were two delegates from Cisco TAC, Mr.Ishaan and Ms.Dharmini. Mr.Ishaan is the Technical Leader of wireless technology in Cisco TAC. He handles the high level escalations of troubleshooting. He is a CCIE in Security and Wireless technologies. Its his eight year in Cisco and his talk was very interactive and very relishing. The second delegate, Ms.Dharmni is a Network Engineer in Wireless Technology. She works for the APJC and American zone customers. She’s a CCNP in routing and switching and an Alumni of our college. She gave lot of tips to the students about CIisco’s placements. We also had a questionnaire session where the students enthusiastically asked a lot of questions. Both the delegates were kind enough to answer all of them. On the whole all the students who attended the event found it very informative and inspiring. The session concluded with Mr.Ullas, Mentor, ANC giving memento’s to the delegates and thanking all the people for attending the event.
  • Student Outreach Programme : A workshop was held on Networking and Data Communication by Amrita Networking Club (ANC) on 9th Oct 2018 for students of DPS East. 40 students including 2 staff attended this workshop. This was in collaboration with CSE, Cisco Academy and marketing team of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Bangalore. A session on Networking components and Networking topologies was taken by Mr. Ullas S, Assistant Professor (CSE) using packet tracker. In the later session Mr. Vishwas H N Assistant Professor (CSE) briefed on Network security, Wireless and Mobile Networks. The session was indeed very useful for these students. There was a talk by Mr. Sukumaran V, from marketing team who explained about various carrier options and how making the right choice in carrier or the institution plays a major role. The aim of this initiative was reached and the students would love to take part in further more such events.

April 2018

  • BCIC Inclusive Innovation Awards 2018 : The Road Show for Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce (BCIC) Inclusive Innovation Awards 2018 started at 3 PM in Amriteshwari Hall on 26th April 2018. Ms.Sowmya Vijayalakshmi, Delivery manager, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited and a member of BCIC welcomed and addressed audience. She explained to the audience about the BCIC Inclusive Innovation Awards 2018 and the various categories in which the awards are given. She also explained eligibility criteria and the procedure to apply for the award. She answered various questions asked by audience towards the end of the event. The event is coordinated by S.Saravanan, Assistant Professor, CSE.
    Mr. J Mahesh Babu, Principal Engineer – Research,Ericsson India Global Services P Ltd, Bengaluru and Dr. K. Kanagasundaram, Senior Engineering Manager, Nevis Networks (I) Pvt Ltd,Bengaluru visited CSE department on 05th May 2018 and discussed about the possible research collaborations on the centralized theme: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE PLANNING which was coordinated by Dr. G.Prakash.

February 2018

  • National Cyber Defence Resource Centre : The National Cyber Defence Research Centre (NCDRC) Team, has confirmed the National Cyber Defence Resource Centre at “Amrita School of Engineering Bangalore, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, on 16th February 2018.

January 2018

  • Amrita CSI Student Branch : Amrita CSI Student Branch, Dept of CSE mentored by Dr. N. Rakesh, Assistant Professor received the prestigious “Best Accredited Student Branch Award” for second consecutive period at the CSI Annual Convention 2018 held in Kolkatta, India.
  • A talk on” How to talk to your Car” : Mr. Anand C. V. CEO Deep-thought Systems, Trivandrum, Kerala, addressed 2nd semester MTech Embedded system students on 18th Jan 2018 between 2.30pm to 3.30 pm. He has rich industry hands-on experience of 20+ years in the area of Embedded systems and has seen the growth and of this field from close quarters working as an engineer as well as leadership roles in companies like BEL and C-DOT, NeST, UST Global and Accel Frontline Ltd.

November 2017

  • Workshop on Networking and Data Communication : Amrita Networking club conducted a one day workshop on Networking and Data Communication as a part of their “Out Reach Program”. The program was conducted on 3rd of November 2017. 13 pre university students from JSS Public School and 15 students from Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidyamandir (SSRVM) – Bengaluru actively participated in the workshop. This was conducted in collaboration with Marketing team of the university. Mr. Ullas S had lead the class with the support of Mr. Vishwas H N and other volunteers of Amrita Networking Club. Mr. Sukumaran V had explained the necessity of choosing right education and an institution for a bright future. The participants were also taken for a campus tour. The participants expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Amrita University for providing an opportunity of this kind.

October 2017

  • A talk on Cybersecurity : Dr. Christian Doerr from Cybersecurity group at TU Delft, Netherlands visited our campus on 26th October 2017, to explore the possibility of collaboration with Amrita University. He shared with the Faculty at CSE, the focus areas of the Cybersecurity team at TU Delft which included Security and Privacy by Design, Network Security, Secure Hardware, Cyber Physical Systems etc. He also showcased some of the recent projects along with the hardware and software facility available at TU Delft. Few of our faculty expressed their interest to work on a joint proposal.
  • A talk on A Scalable Architecture for Dataflow Execution Model : A talk on A Scalable Architecture for Dataflow Execution Model was conducted on 27th October 2017. The invited guest was Mr.Madhava Krishna from Morphing machines (incubated at IISc). He is a recipient of the Prime Minister’s Fellowship for Doctoral Research (2013-2017).He presented an overview of REDEFINE (a coarse-grained reconfigurable array, developed at CADLABs, IISc). The talk was attended by students and faculty members.

July 2017

  • A Statistical Analysis Tool : A demo session has been arranged for the faculties in the Department of CSE on “STATCRAFT – A Statistical Analysis Tool” and “Machine Learning/Analytics with R”. Mr.Shubham from Predictive Analytics had given an overview on these tools during .

October 2016

  • ASE, Bangalore campus, Dept. Of CSE CSI Student Chapter mentored by Dr. N. Rakesh organised invited talks on “Internet of Things” as part of Amrita CSI Distinguished Speaker Program series on 28th Oct, 2016 between 10.30am to 12.30pm in Krishna Hall. Speakers for the program were Mr.Aniruddha Kannal, CEO of HEO-X and Mr. Vinayak Hulabutti, Co-Founder & CMO at LabInApp. Dr. Vishwas Lakkundi of IET Bangalore chapter was present in the event.
  • Amrita Networking Club (ANC) organised a distinguished lecture on IOT- Internet of Things on 26th October, 2016. The guest speaker was Mr. Ananth Rao, Technical Manager, APJ Region, CISCO Systems.
  • Amrita Club for Robotics and Mechatronics (ACROM) organized a Hands-on Workshop on Basics of Robotics in Amrita School of Engineering, Bangalore between 1st and 2nd October 2016. The workshop was an effort to familiarize beginners with the basic procedure involved in Robot making and programming. The workshop covered the following modules:
    1. Android Control Robot
    2. Line following
    3. Edge detection
    4. Sumo Wrestling

September 2016

  • ACROM- Amrita Centre for Robotics and Mechatronics conducted an introductory session on the 7th of September, 2016. The gathered emerging engineers were mesmerised by the knowledge presented in the form of interesting presentations and models.
  • CysInfo, Cyber Security Community in collaboration with Amrita Center for Cyber Security, Amritapuri organized Cyber Security Community meet-up and full day workshop on Cyber Security on 17th of September 2016 in ASE, Bengaluru Campus. Dr.Sudarshan TSB, Chairman, Department of CSE and Mr.ShekharBabu, Indo US played an active role in the successful conduct of the event.
  • ACM Association for Computing Machinery student chapter of Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru flagged off its first event of the academic year 2016-17 on 30th Sepetember 2016. The event aimed to acquaint the gathering with the software platform GIT including operations like adding the test file, generating multiple comments reverting to the previous comment etc were discussed and realized on the tool. Mr. V .Mangalanathan, Secretary, ACM Student Chapter- the key speaker provided an insight on various applications of the software making the talk more informative.

August 2016

  • Department of CSE hosted a workshop on Internet of Things Application Development (IoTAD) jointly with Future TechLabs, France. The workshop was held between 5thand 7th of August, 2016. The workshop was also supported by IEEE Robotics Automation Society and Mr. KousikSankarRamasubramaniam, Co-Chair IoTAD workshop and Chair-IEEE Consumer Electronics. The three-day event had Mr.SoumyaKantiDattaResearch Engineer in Eurecom, France and a Co-Founder of Future Tech Lab and various other faculty members. The meet was to discuss IoTAD implementation in various research domains.

April 2016

  • The CSE Departmental Forum , FACE organized the flagship event Stay Late And Code (SLAC) 2016 on 2nd April 2016. Stay Late And Code is a 24 hour coding hackathon that brings together developers, designers and coders to create, innovate and put forward their unique ideas into action. Besides the three engineering campuses under Amrita VishwaVidyapeetham, FACE also expanded its outreach to the top fifteen colleges of Bangalore and had a good amount of participation from the same. There were hundred and five teams to have registered with three seventy two participants.
  • As a part of ACM chapter activity, the department of CSE had arranged for a Research talk on Computer Aided Diagnosis (CADx) for the Students and Faculty. The event was held at Krishna Hall on 20th April 2016 and was well attended by an enthusiastic audience.
  • The Amrita CSI (Computer Society of India) chapter organised a talk on “Behavior Drive Development” on 27th April 2016. The speaker was Mr. SuprajaRakesh D., IT Analyst, TCS Company PvtLtd .Mr.Supraja has over 8 years of experience with leading IT Firms involved in Software Development and Testing domain. The speaker spoke about how traditional SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) has evolved into TDD (Test Driven Development) its advantages and disadvantages. The talk also involved discussion on Behavior Drive Development (BDD). This was followed by talk on Domain Specific Language (DSL) and Behavior Driven Testing. The talk concluded with discussions on Job avenues in BDD.

March 2016

  • Amrita Robotic Research Center (ARRC) organized an invited talk by Dr. AbhilashaSaxena on 25th March, 2016 at Vyasa Hall, Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru. The topic of the talk was Motion Planning in Industrial Robotics.

January 2016

  • A talk on Building High Reliable FPGA’s was organized on 18th January 2016. The speaker was Mr. MadhavChikodikar. Mr.Madhav leads R&D activities for FPGA software development group in Synopsys India. Mr. Madhav emphasized on what is high reliable FPGA , how it is build and he also spoke about how a highly reliable FPGA is becoming critical in many applications ranging from military, aerospace, networking, medical and automotive. The talk gathered an audience of around 50 including Research Scholars, Faculty Members and Students.
  • A guest lecture on High Performance Embedded Computing was arranged on 7th January 2016. Dr.Prabhakar Mishra was the speaker. Dr. Prabhakar Mishra is a Professor in PES Institute of Technology. His talk concentrated on his work on High Performance Embedded Computing done at ISRO. He also showcased real world scenarios of how FPGAs can be deployed. Around 50 students in number were present as audience.

July 2014

  • Mr. Rajesh M. organized an ISTE Workshop on Computer Networking at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru from 30th June to 5th July, 2014.
  • Ms. Supriya M. organized an ISTE Workshop on Cyber Security at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru from 10th to 20th July, 2014.

June 2014

  • Mr. S. Saravanan organized a ISTE Workshop on Computer Programming from 16th to 21st June, 2014 at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru.

April 2014

  • Amrita Networking Club organized a two-day workshop on “Ethical Hacking” on 26th and 27th of April, 2014. There were 124 participants from various streams and semesters. The workshop was conducted by “Network Bulls”, a Delhi based company.

January 2014

  • Dr. K. Sangeeta organized “Knowledge Mining using Machine Learning and its Applications” on 23rd – 25th January, 2014 in M.S. Ramiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore.

March 2013

  • A 2-Day National Level Workshop on ‘Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing’ was conducted by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering on 15th and 16th March, 2013. The main objective of the workshop was to discuss about the advances in Computer System Architecture, Parallel Architectures and Parallel Processing. The workshop aimed at bringing researchers in this area together and to give hands-on training on architectural tools and CUDA environment for programming GPGPUs. The Keynote Speaker Dr. S.K. Nandy, Professor, IISc., delivered a talk on ‘Hybrid Computing’. The first session was on ASIC Front end Implementation Flow for making CPU Chips by Mr. Sheetal Kumar Jain, Senior Design Engineer, Synopsys Bengaluru. The 2nd session was on Compiler Optimization and Support for Multicore Architecture by Mr. D.C. Kiran, a Research Scholar from BITS Pilani through web interaction. The afternoon session was dedicated to Architectural Simulators. A hands-on session on Simple Scalar was given by Dr. Basant Dwivedi, Director, VirtuQ Education, Bengaluru and Introduction to GEM5, which is a simulator for Multicore, was conducted by Ms. Bhargavi Upadhyay, Assistant Professor in the Department of CSE, ASE – Bengaluru
  • The Forum for Aspiring Computer Engineers (FACE), the CSE departmental forum organized a one & half day workshop on ‘Android Basics (Mobile OS) and Mobile Application Development’ conducted by Mr. Srivatsa and Mr. Nagarajan Kanagamani from Accenture Bengaluru, on 16th and 17th of March, 2013 in Tata Elxsi Lab. Around 30 students both from second and third year participated in this workshop.

November 2010

  • A Two day hands-on workshop on “Embedded Software Development on Beaglebone Platform” titled IEEE CAS Bengaluru Chapter, ASE Bengaluru and Texas Instruments from 14th and 15th September, 2012 at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru.
  • APNIC workshop on IRM/ IRR/ IPV4/ IPV6 by ASE Bengaluru and Internet Society (ISOC), Bengaluru section from 15th to 18th November, 2012 at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru.
  • A CISCO Workshop on Data Flow in Computer Networks-A Realistic Approach on 29th November 2012 at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru.
Workshops / Seminars / Conferences Attended

September 2019

  • Dr. Supriya M. and Ms. Radha D. attended a One day workshop on eSim, a First Course in the IoT Series for Teachers on Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Reva University, Bengaluru. This workshop was conducted by IIT Bombay, through a blended mode, using both live video conferencing facility (A-VIEW) and hands-on sessions using Spoken Tutorials.

June 2019

  • Mr. Saravanan S and Mr. Ullas S had Successfully completed the instructor training certification for CCNA Cyber Operations organized by Cisco Systems.
  • Mr. H N VISHWAS, has received an “ADVANCED LEVEL INSTRUCTOR” recognition for being one among the top 25% instructors across globe.
  • Mr. Ullas S, has received an “EXPERT LEVEL INSTRUCTOR” recognition for being one among the top 10% instructors across globe.
  • Ms.D Radha conducted a FDP on “Fundamentals and Object Oriented Concepts in Python with Hands-on Training” on 26th June 2019 for CSE faculty and MTech(CSE) students to enhance programming skills in python and facilitate the faculty for handling the courses in new CSE curriculum that are mostly based on Python programming and to guide various projects. FDP is organized by CSE dept.
  • Dr.Suja P. has been elevated to Senior member of IEEE Membership with effect from June 2019.
  • Dr.Suja P. participated as a Domain Expert (External) in the Comprehensive viva voce examination of a VTU research scholar at the research centre – Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Bengaluru on 19th June 2019.
  • Mr. S.Saravanan attended “Smart Interactive Board Workshop by EduSculpt Education Solutions Pvt. Ltd” at Amrita School of Engineering, Chennai from 17th June to 18th June 2018.
  • Mr.S.Saravanan attended “CISCO Cyber Ops Instructor Training Workshop” at Vasari College of Engineering, Hyderabad from 7th June to 14th June 2019
  • Dr. Amudha J attended a Faculty Development Program on 10th June 2019 in AI Foundation on “Center of Excellence-Data Science & Artificial Intelligence”
  • Dr. Amudha J., Dr. Deepa Gupta, Dr. Supriya M., and Ms. Sangita Khare of Department of CSE, attended the “Faculty Development Program in AI Foundation” conducted by Center of Excellence-Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, NASSCOM 10,000 startup on Monday, 10th June 2019. This is a comprehensive blended program designed for faculty members teaching in the areas of Big Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This induction program will be followed by an online learning of over 100 hours and will be delivered through NASSCOM FutureSkill Learning Platform.

May 2019

  • Dr. Supriya M. and Ms. D. Radha attended a virtual workshop on “Week of AI” between 27th May 2019 and 31st May 2019. This workshop was conducted by Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd., India with five modules delivered by industry experts and included talks, demos, quiz and hands-on assignments.

April 2019

  • D.Radha and Dr. S.Santhanalakshmi attended a DELL Faculty Development Program on “Systems Management, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Dockers and open source trend in the industry” on 26th April 2019 at Dell Technologies at Bagmane Tech park.
  • Dr. Amudha J and Nalini Sampath attaended a Hands-on ZOYC workshop on “Automation of Image Processing & Analysis using Cloud Infrastructure” on 22nd April 2019 at AIMS, Cochin & Carl Zeiss India(Bangalore) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Ullas S and Rajakumar Arul attaended a Workshop on “Swift programming & XCode” from 9th to 12th April 2019 at Apple Inc., at UB City
  • Dr.Suja P. participated in Matlab Expo 2019 organized by Mathworks on 25th April 2019 at Hotel Radisson Blu, Bengaluru and attended talks under tracks ”Data Science and Predictive Analysis” & “Deep Learning and Autonomous Systems”. She also participated in a special event “Women in Technology” organized for women participants.

January 2019

  • Ms. D Radha has attended a workshop on “Emerging trends in Multicore Processors and Network on chip Architecture” from 21st – 25th January 2019 organized by RV College of Engineering, Bengaluru .
  • Ms. D Radha and Ms. Kavitha C R has attended a webinar of Infosys Faculty Enablement Program on “Lex based Foundation Program for Infy recruits” from 7th – 11th January 2019

July 2012

  • Ms. Vineetha K.V.,Ms. Shinu M.R.,Ms. Radha D.,Mr. S. Ullas and Mr. Saravanan S. attended an ISTE Workshop on Computer Networking, under the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD (Govt. of India),organized by IIT, Bombay at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru from 30th June to 5th July, 2014.
  • Dr. J. Amudha, Dr. K. Sangeeta, Dr. Rakesh N., Ms. Tripty Singh, Ms. Radha D., Ms. Sangita Khare and Ms. Santhanalakshmi S. attended a ISTE Workshop on Cyber Security, under the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD(Govt. of India), organized by IIT, Bombay in Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru at 10th July.

June 2012

  • Ms. Supriya M., Ms. Uma Maheswari, Ms. Priyadharshini, Mr. S. Ullas, and Ms. Sreevidya B. attended ISTE Workshop on Computer Programming, under the National Mission on Education through ICT, MHRD (Govt. of India),by IIT, Bombay from 16th to 21st June, 2014 at Amrita School of Engineering, Bengaluru.

March 2012

  • Ms. Chandrika K. R. attended the National Conference on Cloud Computing & Enterprise Networks at AMC Engineering College from 24-25 March, 2012.
  • Dr. TSB Sudarshan, Mr. Radhakrishnan and Mr. A. A. Nippun Kumar attended the SAP Faculty Day at SAP Labs, Bangalore on 16th March 2012.
  • Ms. Sangita Khare, Ms. K. V. Vidya, Ms. Juhi Srivastava, Ms. Meena Belwal attended the IBM Women’s event on 14th March 2012 at ASE Bangalore.

February 2012

  • Mr. A. A. Nippun Kumaar attended the workshop on “Writing a Conference paper “organized by IIT Bombay through A-View from 18-19 Feb, 2012.

December 2011

  • Mr. A. A. Nippun Kumaar presented a paper titled “Sensor Counter Approach for a Mobile Robot to navigate a path using programming by demonstration” at the International Conference on Communication technology and system design – ICCTSD ’11 held at Amrita School of Engineering , Ettimadai from 7th -9th December 2011.
  • Mr. A. A. Nippun Kumar , Mr. Rajesh and Ms. Vineetha Jain attended the International Conference on “Wireless Technology for Humanitarian Relief “ at ASE , Amritapuri from 19-20 December, 2011.

November 2011

  • Mr. A. A. NIppun Kumaar presented a paper titled “Mobile Robot Programming by Demonstration “ at the International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology – ICETET’11 held at Le Meridian , Mauritius , from 18th to 20th November 2011.

November 2012

  • Ms. Juhi Srivastava, Ms. Sreebha B., Ms. Shinu M. R., Ms. Chandrika K. R., and Mr. Rajesh M. attended the conference workshops conducted by ISOC and Inet Society on topics such as Ethical Hacking, Mobile Application Development and IPV6 from 5-6 November, 2012.

September 2010

  • Ms. Supriya, Ms. Santhanalakshmi and Ms. Vanithamani V attended the ACM Conference on Women in Computing from 16th 17th September 2010 held at Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Ettimadai.

July 2010

  • Ms. Vineetha Jain and Ms. Mamtha V. attended the AICTE MHRD sponsored Summer School on Cloud Computing and Virtualization from 12th 18th July 2010.
  • Ms. Divyaprabha K. N. and Ms. Kavitha C.R. attended the Faculty Enablement Programme on Business Intellegence and its Applications sponsored by Infosys from 12th 16th July 2010 held at Infosys Campus, Bangalore.
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