The department has excellent laboratory and computing facilities to support frontier research in the diverse specializations of Civil Engineering. Each of our department research focus areas have their own facilities and offer opportunities for students, faculty and industry sponsored research along with interdisciplinary work. Some of the major experiments/ equipment’s available in different labs are listed below.

Laboratories associated with the Department:

  • Surveying laboratory
  • Construction Materials Testing Laboratory
  • Environmental Engineering Laboratory & Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Strength of Materials Laboratory
  • Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
  • Non-destructive testing Laboratory
  • Structural and Construction Engineering Laboratory

Surveying laboratory

Surveying labs provide students with hands-on experience to supplement instruction in surveying courses. The introductory course exposes students to the fundamental land surveying methods of traversing and levelling. In addition, this laboratory provides facility to acquaint with sophisticated instruments viz, Electronic total station, Global positioning system (GPS), Autolevels, and Digital planimeter. Students have an opportunity to use the Total Station equipment and conduct survey camps.

Construction Materials Testing Laboratory

Construction Materials Testing Laboratory provides facilities for testing common construction materials and provides opportunities for research in construction materials and their application to engineering problems. The lab focuses on the experimental investigation of following construction materials: concrete and bituminous mixtures, Special cements, light weight aggregates, alternate masonry materials, high tensile steel and timber.Laboratory is also equipped with NDT facilities like Concrete Rebound Test Hammer, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity tester, Reinforcement Corrosion Analysing Instrument and Cover Meter.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory & Waste water recycling plant

Analysis and testing of water and waste water samples are being regularly done for various agencies. Expertise is available for designing water and waste water treatment plants. Some of the major equipment available are: UV Spectrophotometer, Digital DO meter, Digital Nephlometer, Orbital Shaker and Centrifuge. 


Strength of Materials Laboratory

The Strength of materials Laboratory has Universal testing machine, Tensile testing machine, compression testing machine, Hardness testing machine, spring testing machine and fatigue testing machine.


Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

The laboratory is well equipped with all equipments required for identification, classification and investigation of soils. The equipment available in the lab include, Triaxial apparatus, Direct shear test apparatus, Proctor compaction apparatus, Unconfined compression tester, Consolidation test apparatus, CBR apparatus, Consistency limits test apparatus and Vane shear apparatus.


Structural and Construction Engineering Laboratory

The Structural Engineering Group of the Civil Engineering Department of Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham  focuses on the research , consultancy and development activities of materials , structures etc. using the structural and construction engineering lab. This lab also accommodates the faculty,  research scholars,  post graduate and undergraduate students for their regular  teaching and research activities. The various facilities available in the laboratory are Loading frame (Computerised), Flexural testing machine, Data Acquisition System, Non Destructive testing tools, Brookfield Viscometer (Rheocalc) and Compression Testing Machine.

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