The Amrita Multidimensional Data Analytics Lab has been set up to enable research in large scale intelligent information systems. With the world facing unprecedented challenges, technology has a major role to play in efficiently solving many of them. Our goal is to develop large-scale information systems that can help tackle challenges in education, healthcare and support smart buildings and cities. Towards this we focus on end-end solutions that include designing innovative data models, scalable data management solutions, novel indexing techniques, intelligent retrieval and event-detection algorithms. To support research in these areas the lab provides hardware like dedicated GIS Server, UHF RFID readers, WiFi routers, sensors, quadkopters and handheld devices for applications like object and people tracking.

Faculty Incharge of Lab: Dr. Vidhya Balasubramanian


  1. High End Workstations
  2. Blade Server
  3. Passive RFID UHF Readers with Antennas
  4. Active RFID reader with antenna
  5. Handheld RFID reader with antenna
  6. Wifi Routers and Dongles
  7. Tablets
  8. Arduino boards and sensors



Indoor Information Representation and Management System (IIRMS)


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Context based Retrieval Systems


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Customizable Product Recommender Systems


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Statistical Approaches to Generating Concept Graphs


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ACIST : Amrita Content based Indexing and Searching Tool


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