SiGMA Lab is a research laboratory in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering that promotes research on Signal Processing. Thrust areas include innovative signal processing applications, machine learning and deep learning. Focussed projects include Tribal healthcare, Indian road traffic monitoring and safety, Community detection in social media and Applied Group theory.


Ph.D Students

Mrs. Vidhya S
Mrs. Parvathy Dharmarajan
Mrs. Sneha Kandacharam


S. No Year Project Title
1. 2017-18 Electrolaryngeal Speech Enhancement [1]
2. 2017-18 Object Shapes using Sparse Representations [2]
3. 2017-18 Facial Expression Recommendations
4. 2017-18 Traffic Accident Detection
5. 2017-18 Traffic Incident Detection
6. 2017-18 Radar Signal Processing for Traffic Incidents
7. 2017-18 Radar Sensor Development
8. 2016-17 Dimensionality Reduction using Neural Networks
9. 2016-17 Medical Diagnosis Support System for Remote Healthcare [3]
10. 2016-17 WayFinding for Emergency Services [4]
11. 2016-17 Satellite Feature Extraction for Road Detection
12. 2015-16 Thermal Image Processing – Action Recognition
13. 2015-16 WayFinding through Complex Indoor Environment [5]
14. 2015-16 Time-Series Data [6]
15. 2015-16 Superresolution of Mammography Images [7]
16. 2015-16 Spectral Representation of Principal Components in Signals [8]


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