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Research Centers

Center for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment (CWEGE) 

CWEGE is the Thematic Research Center (TRC) established in 2016 which promotes gender equality and fosters women’s empowerment with a special focus on technology. The center seeks to increase women’s empowerment as an equitable approach to achieving gender equality through participatory action research, implementation and knowledge dissemination. It offers diverse courses on key focus areas, pilot radical ideas and collaborates with leading universities and institutions to advance the initiatives. The center acts as a major resource center for the implementation of various development projects undertaken by the school. Know more


AL is a Multidisciplinary Research Center (MRC) was established in 2009 under the research division of Amrita Vishwa AL is a Multidisciplinary Research Center (MRC) established in 2009 under the research division of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham which works in close association with the SSBS. AL addresses the dearth of skilled labor and vocational training infrastructure required to upskill resources with a two-prong approach; interweaving computerized Vocational Education and Training (cVET) with life enrichment education (LEE). While cVET provides technical skill competencies to enhance an individual’s viability in the workforce, LEE activities are done in community settings and provide an all-inclusive skill set to facilitate the integration and sustainability of the technical skills into an individual’s life. Know More

Research Thrust Areas

The School of Social and Behavioural Sciences allows students and academic researchers to pursue research in various areas of interest. The offered research context is interdisciplinary and currently includes the following thrust areas:  

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