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Contesting the mainstream transwoman figurations: The question of caste and precarity in Udalaazham

Authors : Sruthi B, Guptha & Dr. Sandhya V

Publisher : Routledge (Taylor & Francis)

Emancipated Women in Madhubani Paintings

Authors : Sreekumar ,Aswathy Das, K. V,Sruti, Sruti, Aswathy Das, K. V

Sustaining Landscapes as Sacred Groves:Preserving the Sub Culture of Woman as Priestess and Oracle of Ecosystems’

Authors : Beena S. Nair

Publisher : International Conference on “Why Eco-Criticism”?, Government College, Sikkim; in association with ASLE,India

Role of Nature and the Effects of Spiritual Degeneration in Michael Cook’s Jacob’s Wake

Authors : A.R.Chitra, S.Ambika

Publisher : V.H.N. Senthikumara Nadar College

Understanding Eco Feminism

Authors : Teena V.

Publisher : COJELL An International Refereed Quarterly Journal of English Language and Literature.

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