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Optimal Mix of Urban Public services: A Game Theoretic Approach

Authors : P. Ganguly, Dr.Shyam Nath

Publisher : The Academia Sinica, Institute of Economics, Taipei

Globalization, sub-national Governments and Urban Crises in the Developing World

Authors : Gangopadhyay, Partha, Shyam Nath

Publisher : Globalisation and the Third World (eds.) B N Ghosh and H M Guven

Emotional Branding – Winning customers for Life

Authors : Dr. R. G. Priyaadharshini

Publisher : journal „Marketing Mastermind

Economic Integration of Tribal Societies in the Era of Globalisation: Perspectives on Rubber Based Farming Systems in North East India

Authors : Dr. Viswanathan P. K., Ganesh P. Shivakoti

Publisher : North East India Studies

A Comparative Study of Smallholder Rubber and Rubber integrated Farm Livelihood Systems in India and Thailand

Authors : Dr. Viswanathan P. K.

Publisher : Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok

Assessing the Impact of Climate Change and Natural Catastrophes on Agriculture – The Case of the Island of Mauritius

Authors : Yeti NishaMadhoo

Publisher : World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Climate Risk Conference

Weak Agriculture-industry Linkages, International Political Economy and Labour Market Distortions: A Case study of Mauritius

Authors : Yeti N. Madhoo, Yeti N. Madhoo, NATH, SHYAM, NATH, SHYAM

Publisher : International Journal of Economic Research

Impact of CSR Activities on Shareholders’ Wealth in Indian Companies

Authors : Y. Iyanar, Dr. Rajiv Prasad

Publisher : 2018 International Conference on Advances in Computing

Property Tax Growth in Metropolitan Cities of India’

Authors : Schroeder, Larry, Shyam Nath

Publisher : Nagarlok Urban Affairs

Is Donors’ Concern About the Fungibility of Foreign Aid Justified?: A Panel Data Analysis

Authors : Sobhee, Sanjeev K, Shyam Nath

Publisher : Tennessee State University College of Business

Modeling the economic efficiency of irrigation water supply in dry and humid regions

Authors : Yeti N. Madhoo

Publisher : Review of Urban Regional Development Studies

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