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Delayed haemolytic transfusion reaction- a case report

Authors : Dr. Kiran Neswi, Dr. Shivabharani, Dr. Rajay A. D, Kamath, Girisankar M.

Publisher : CODS- Journal of Dentistry

Socio-demographic profile of smokeless tobacco use in India

Authors : Ramanarayanan V, Janakiram C, Sanjeevan V, K V

Publisher : Ramanarayanan V

Association of extracurricular activities and burnout among students in a dental teaching institution in India

Authors : Kumar Y, Ramanarayanan V, Rajesh R, Francis SV, Ganesan S, Kumar Sv, Venkitachalam R

Publisher : J Indian Assoc Public Health Dent

An Analysis of Leptospirosis Control in a Flood-Affected Region of Kerala and the Role of Accredited Social Health Activists – A Questionnaire Study

Authors : Sreelakshmi MK, Kuruvilla S, Subramaniam R, Latti P, Venkitachalam R

Publisher : Disaster Med Public Health Prep

Is gender a risk factor for oral diseases in India? A metadata exploration

Authors : Karuveettil V, Krishna K, Ramanarayanan V

Publisher : Public Health Toxicol.

Variations in root canal morphology of permanent incisors and canines among Asian population: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Authors : Usha G, Muddappa SC, Venkitachalam R, Singh V P P, Rajan RR, Ravi AB

Publisher : J Oral Biosci

Oral medicine practice during COVID-19: A scoping review

Authors : Kumar KS, Venkitachalam R, Varma B, Nair PK, Shanmugham AM

Publisher : J Indian Acad Oral Med Radiol

Prevalence of Tooth Mortality among Adults in India: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Authors : Venkat M, Janakiram C, Ramanarayanan V

Publisher : Contemp Clin Dent.

Association between Smokeless Tobacco Use and Risk of Periodontitis in Asian Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Authors : Mehta A, Ramanarayanan V, Karuveettil V, Janakiram C, Venkitachalam R

Publisher : Asian Pac J Cancer Prev APJCP

Assessment of Quality of Prescription Writing among Dental and Medical Students and Practitioners in Kerala.

Authors : Dr. R. Venkitachalam, Varghese Naveen Jacob, Chandrashekar Janakiram, Joseph Joe

Publisher : J Nat Sci Biol Med .

Injectable osteogenic and angiogenic nanocomposite hydrogels for irregular bone defects.

Authors : Vishnu Priya, M, Vishnu Priya, M, Sivshanmugam, A, Sivshanmugam, A, Boccaccini, A R, Boccaccini, A R, Goudouri o m, Goudouri o m, Sun Wook, Sun Wook, wang Nathaniel, Deepthi S, wang Nathaniel, , Deepthi S,

Publisher : Biomed Mater

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