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Role of ICT in Enhancing Scale, Quality, and Reach of TVET in India

Authors : Balakrishnan, Ajay, Sheshadri, Srividya, Nagarajan, Akshay, Unnikrishnan, R., Kongeseri, Sreeram, Rao R. Bhavani

Publisher :Springer International Publishing.

Addressing the First Teachers: Education and Sustainable Development for Children, Families and Communities Through Vocational Education, Technology and Life Skills Training for Women

Authors : Rao R. Bhavani, Sheshadri, Srividya, Maciuika, Laura Aswati

Publisher :Children and Sustainable Development: Ecological Education in a Globalized World, Springer International Publishing, Cham

Bimanual Haptic Simulator for Training Hand Palpation and Lumbar Puncture

Authors : Jose, James, Rao R. Bhavani

Publisher :Haptic Interaction AsiaHaptics 2016. Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Springer, Singapoor.

Bilateral human-in-the-loop tele-haptic interface for controlling a robotic manipulator

Authors : Jose James, Dhivin Davis, K. Gokulnath, Rao R. Bhavani

Publisher :International Journal of Mechatronics and Automation

RFID based-human localization in robot-cells for a better shared workspace interaction

Authors : Krishna, Sooraj, Rahul, E. S., Rao R. Bhavani

Publisher :CSI Transactions on ICT.

Comparative Study of Potential Field and Sampling Algorithms for Manipulator Obstacle Avoidance

Authors : Alekh V, Rahul ES, Rao R. Bhavani

Publisher :International Journal of Control Theory and Applications (IJCTA)

Design and Emotional evaluation of Pepe Jr: A cost effective platform for HRI studies

Authors : Shanker, Nidhin Sugunan, Krishna, Sooraj, Alekh, Velayudhan, Babu, Sooraj K, Rao R. Bhavani

Publisher :International Confernece on Distributed Computing, VLSI, Electrical Circuits and Robotics.

Game Based Learning to Reduce Carbon Foot Print

Authors : Archana, U. V., Rajeshwaran, Abhishek, McLain, M. L., Kamal Bijlani, Rao, Bhavani, Jayakrishnan, R.

Publisher :Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication and Applications, Springer India, New Delhi.

Experimental Evaluation of the Dynamic Performance of Ingeniously developed Wearable Assistive Device

Authors : Jogesh Nanda, S. Vishnu Rajendran, Rao R. Bhavani

Publisher :Technological innovations in ICT for agriculture and Rural Development

Scratching Out Problems: Exploring the Use of Computational Thinking for Social Work in Rural India

Authors : P. Anitha, S. K. Babu, U. R, Rao R. Bhavani

Publisher :IEEE, Chennai, India

Significance of Haptic Feedback in Learning Lathe Operating Skills

Authors : A. Chandran, R. E.S, Rao R. Bhavani

Publisher :IEEE Ninth International Conference on Technology for Education.

Training India’s first female toilet builders: An argument for improving sanitation through women empowerment and social inclusion

Authors : Christopher Coley, Srividya Sheshadri, Rao R. Bhavani

Publisher :2015 International Conference on Sustainable Development

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