amrita-agilent-analytical-research-lab-a3rl-aboutIn a unique effort of its kind, School of Biotechnology in collaboration with Agilent Technologies has set up an analytical research center with the vision to promote development of science education and a scientific mindset in the country. The center is equipped with two high end mass spectrometers and has the latest state-of-the-art uHPLC chromatographic separation system, which covers the range from analytical to semi-preparative scale. To identify a large variety of chemical and biological compounds, detection systems such as UVVIS (Ultraviolet to visible spectroscopy) and ELSD (Evaporation Light Scattering) are in use. Additionally, an ultrafast online-UVVIS spectrometer is available for absorption studies.

The center provides its instrumentation capabilities and expertise to the in-house researchers to solve diverse research problems such as identification and characterization of natural products, metabolic intermediates and proteome analysis related to various disease indications. Additionally the HPLC, the LC-MS and the UVVIS systems are used for education and training..