The activities of the Center are varied and numerous.

  • In collaboration with the Cleveland State University's Center for Healing Across Cultures, USA, a workshop was conducted for national and international participants. An MoU was signed for promoting academic research in traditional medicine. Media Report | Photo Gallery


  • Training and extension programs are conducted for various groups including individuals, farmers and NGOs. Topics on organic farming, wastewater management, composting, medicinal plants, tree planting are discussed and include field demonstrations.
  • Community Outreach
  • Landscaped gardens lend a pleasant and environment-friendly ambience to the campus. There are massive lawns, herbal garden, brilliantly colored flowers, naturally engraved rocks of fascinating shapes and sizes; the gardens are all these and more. Campus Trees | Campus Flowers



  • The campus is a "zero-chemical" zone with no inorganic fertilizers or pesticides used for any of the campus plants or crops. Innovative bio-control methods are adopted to help fight the menace of pests and insects. Organic Farming | Pest Control


  • EM (effective microbes) technology is used for effluent treatment, recycling of sewage effluent and food waste treatment. In addition, three tons of vermicompost which act as excellent organic manure for horticulture plants and crops are prepared every month. EM | Vermicomposting



  • National Environment Awareness Campaign

    Undertaken in 2004-2005, this campaign was designed to promote awareness about Solid Waste Management and was funded by MoEF.

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