About Amrita Center for Nanosciences

India's first NANOBIO center, Amrita Center for Nanosciences & Molecular Medicine, established in February 2006, is recognised today as a leader in Nanotechnology, Molecular Medicine and Solar Cell research as well as education.

The Amrita Center for Nanosciences is an independent center of the institution that has both research and academic components. The Center has over 40 students currently pursuing their M Tech or Ph D degrees in nanosciences.

As the first nanotechnology center established with support from the Government of India in the biomedical area, the center is pioneering work in the development of natural tissues and organs without the need for using synthetic implants or searching for donors. The center is also developing new nano materials for applications in cancer, diagnostics and therapy, new delivery systems, sensors and photovoltaics.

The Amrita Center for Nanosciences has received support from the Indo US Science and Technology Forum as well. International research collaboration is strongly encouraged. The center will also establish an International Center for Electrochemical Nanoprocessing at Amrita that will be done in collaboration with the University of California, Riverside and State University of New York at Binghamton.

In February 2009, ACNS hosted the NanoBio Conference - the world's first conference in tissue engineering and stem cell research. The delegates included scientists and research associates from several countries as well as all affiliated research institutions in India.

The Center also hosts a Nano Solar Center for Excellence that focuses on innovative product development in photovoltaics and storage devices using nanomaterials.The Center is located in Amrita's healthcare campus that also has Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy, at Kochi.


Dr. Shantikumar Nair
Director, Nanosciences, Center for Nanosciences, Kochi

Amrita Center for Nanosciences & Molecular Medicine offers PhD and M Tech programs in Nanotechnology, Nanosciences & Technology and Molecular Medicine.

The Center has a team of highly talented faculty, many of whom have trained with premier international institutions. The Center also has several talented PhD students. Substantial government funding has been received for many projects in tissue engineering, stem cell research, cancer diagnostics and solar cells.

At ACNS, while contributing to these developments, we also seek to benefit humanity through the research work undertaken, in keeping with the vision of our beloved Chancellor Amma. All over the world, there are exciting developments in the field of nanotechnology. We welcome you to join our team and be a part of this revolutionary technology.

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