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Mechanical Workshop

A shared workshop for the first and second semester students in all engineering courses, it enables learn about basic mechanical operations including fitting, carpentry, foundry and smithy. Training in these basic trades helps foster creative skills for these future engineers.

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Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

This laboratory provides students practical knowledge in the fundamental principles of Fluid Mechanics. Students conduct studies on various pipe fittings, valves, gauges, water meter/current meter. They study the stability of floating bodies, pipe flow and applications of Bernoulli’s Theorem. As a result, they are able to verify for themselves the principles of fluid flow.

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Fluid Machinery Laboratory

In this lab, students gain an understanding of the functioning of various hydraulic machines such as turbines and pumps. Cut-section models help students learn about internal features of these machines.

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Thermal Engineering Laboratory

Transportation today is essential to all mankind, and occupying a very important position in the field of transport development is the internal combustion machine.
In this lab, nearly all types of modern two-stroke and four-stroke engines are available for students to gain practical knowledge in the characteristics and functioning of different engines. Cut sections of various engines help students understand engine features better. A mini-power plant consisting of steam boiler, turbine and shell and tube condenser is also in the laboratory.

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Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory

Machine tools are power-driven tools used by mechanical engineers to impart the desired size and shape to work pieces; the desired accuracy is achieved by removing excess metal in the form of chips.

In this lab, students perform different operations on the lathe such as taper turning, thread cutting and grooving. They also cut different types of gears on the milling machine that is provided with an indexing mechanism.

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Heat & Mass Transfer Laboratory

For engineering students and practicing engineers and technicians, heat transfer is a subject of wide interest. It involves the design, construction, testing and operation of the many forms of heat exchange equipment required in scientific and industrial technology. Our HMT lab is well-equipped with all the required experimental setups.

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Advanced Metrology Laboratory

Metrology is described as the science of measurement and the science of accuracy and precision and its application to the control of manufacturing processes or to produce quality products. If we cannot measure and trace at macro or micro scale, we cannot produce parts at macro or micro-scale. Lack of metrology knowledge would hinder successful conversion of micro or nanotechnology into real products. The demands of industrial surface metrology consist of both economic and scientific aspects. The products are to be produced at a faster rate, cheaply and easily and also should be reliable, comparable and reproducible.

The air conditioned laboratory with instruction room is equipped with advanced dimensional and form measuring equipments such CNC Co-ordinated Measuring Machine, Advanced Vision Inspection System and Electronic Height Gauge and Surface Roughness Tester apart from many other calibrated equipments for students to learn dimensional and form measurement various types of objects range from engine block to watch parts or micro needles to a resolution of 10 nm and an accuracy of better than one micrometer. The students also learn the process of calibration of measuring instruments, reverse engineering and Statistical Quality Control methods using various instruments available in the laboratory. The lab also provides facility for research & consultancy for staff and students of various campuses.

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