Dr. K. Parameswaran Namboothiri currently serves as Associate Professor in the department of Panchakarma, Amrita School of Ayurveda. He completed his Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine & Surgery in 2005 from Ayurveda College, Coimbatore, and M.D. (Panchakarma) in 2010 from RGUHS, Bangalore. He started his teaching career as an Assistant Professor in the department of Panchakarma at Ayurveda College, Coimbatore in the year 2010 and joined Amrita School of Ayurveda in the year 2011. He has given many awareness classes on Diabetes, Low Back Pain, and Lifestyle Disorders. He is a team member in Developing Assessment Scores for various Pancha Karma Procedures. He has been awarded with “Gramajyothi Puraskara” for emerging Ayurvedic Practitioner in the Year 2014.


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  3. "Management of Dushta Vrana W.S.R to Pseudo Epithelial Hyperplasia" published in the journal Renaissance.