MSc, M.Tech, BSc

Geethalekshmi V. currently serves as an Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.) at the Department of Computer Science Applications at Amrita School of Engineering, Amritapuri. She has completed M. Tech. in Computer Science in Computer Science and currently pursuing her doctoral studies. She has also qualified Level B Examination of DOEACC Scheme deemed as professionally equivalent to MCA degree course by the Govt. of India.


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V Geetha Lekshmy V., Anusree, P. K., and Varunika, V. S., “An Implementation of Genetic Algorithm for Clustering Help Desk Data for Service Automation”, presented at the 09/2018, 2018.

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V Geetha Lekshmy V. and Jasmine Bhaskar, “Programming Smart Environments Using π-calculus”, Proceedings of the International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies (ICICT)2014, Procedia Computer Science, vol. 46. Science Direct, Elsevier, pp. 884-891, 2014.[Abstract]

In the realm of Internet of Things (IoT), the complexity of designing ubiquitous and smart systems with dynamically evolving structure has grown to an extent where system modelling and verification has become a real hurdle. Though, a lot of innovations have taken place in this field, there are no good mechanisms for describing and modelling smart environments in a formal manner. π -calculus, proposed by Milner is a formal language which provides strong mathematical base that can be used for modelling and verifying system requirements. In this paper, we intend to offer a contribution towards understanding the usefulness of π-calculus as a language for programming a special kind of ubiquitous application: smart environments. Here we propose a model that includes a type checker for π-calculus and an application that executes π- calculus statements and generates the graphical representation of the smart environment represented by the π- calculus statement.

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