R. Sanju currently serves as Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual Media and Communication, School of Arts & Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kochi.

Qualification - M. F. A. (Visual Media), Advanced Diploma in Digital Multimedia


Publication Type: Journal Article

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G. P. Binu, B, P., and Sanju R., “Students Preference on Traditional and Modern Education”, IARA, vol. 6, no. 2, 2019.[Abstract]

Internet has revolutionised the model of teaching as well as education to a great extend over the past 100 years which resulted in the substantial transformation in the educational sector worldwide. The transformation in the system makes us review the model of educational system and the typology of the classroom, as well as how effective the current educational system will be to students pursuing their higher education. This paper aims on the analysis of both traditional and modern education techniques for imparting knowledge to the students in the most beneficial and productive way. The model of teaching has shifted from the use of blackboards and chalk in the old traditional system to use of smart boards and overhead projectors in the modern form of education. The paper concludes by stating students’ preference on traditional or modern education and their perception over the transformation of educational system. The author has employed quantitative analysis to evaluate the students’ preference in the paper.

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Sanju R., M.A., K. Kumar., and L., V., “Wake up to Nature: Student Teacher’s Awareness for Escalating Eco Psychological Behavior Among School Students”, IJITEE, vol. 8, no. 7, 2019.[Abstract]

Eco psychology integrates ecology and psychology in responding to the intricacies of both domains. The detailed understanding of the field of eco psychology can resolve the issues like anxiety, blame and coercion caused due to environmental factors and convert into positive elements like joy, devotion, pleasantness and love. It can stand-in ecological thinking and straight interaction with the natural world. The acquaintance of eco psychology helps to care lifestyles which are both ecologically and psychologically strong and sustainable. The method of the study is survey. A questionnaire was distributed among the student teachers to check this understanding of the concept eco psychology. The analysis of data collected was tested using percentage method. It was found out that student teachers of Ernakulum district were less aware of the topic eco psychology. This study recommends inclusion of current topic in curriculum. So that the student teachers convey the value of eco psychological life to their future students.

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C. T. Aiswarya, Sanju R., and S. Dinesh Babu, “Coverage of Science News in the Three National Dailies”, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, vol. 119, pp. 2871-2884, 2018.[Abstract]

Newspapers cater to the needs of various sections of society and it has a great influence towards the need from the society. It shapes public opinion and influences government to build over policies and decisions to strengthen the democratic nature of the country. In a democratic society, newspaper play the role of the guardian of the rights of the people by giving awareness of particular science news it justifies the role it plays in an individual’s life. This study gives a scope towards need of science news and its usability to the readers and helps to identify an outlook structure on how media give importance to science news. It helps to pinpoint the level of preference on science news coverage in three various English newspapers which includes in this study. This research explores the problem by using method of quantitative analysis by finding out factors like comparison of importance of science news than other items are included in the research analysis. This paper is also discussing the factual result of coverage of science news with other news items covered in the daily based on advertisements and sports news. This study will give a valuable outcome to the society with importance in covering news on science among three major newspapers in India.

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S. Shaji and Sanju R., “Impact of Kochu TV Channel on the Language and Behaviour of Children”, The International Journal of Humanities & Social Studies , vol. 4, no. 5, 2016.[Abstract]

Visual media is an influential medium nowadays. Television is proven as one of the most dominant media influences in kid’s life. There is excessive growth in kid’s entertainment channels recently. Children acquire and rising abilities by observing and experiencing the world. In that way, these channels have a great role inthe socialising process. Kochu TV is the first Malayalam kids’ entertainment channel started broadcasting in 2011. The basic objective of the research was to define the influencing nature of Kochu TV channel on kids. This was an attempt had been made to analyse the content of the channel and find out the language and behavioural change among children by viewing Kochu TV channel.

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