The Amrita Center for International Programs is excited to offer Dual Degree programs, an academically attractive alternative to traditional methods of study. Through the Dual Degree programs, International students can undertake graduate coursework towards two separate degrees, simultaneously, usually completing the degree in just two years. Dual Degree programs at Amrita are popular since students are exposed to two areas of study while experiencing cross-cultural immersion. 

The programs help students complete two degrees in a shorter span of time. It costs less in terms of fees and other educational expenses. At the end of four semesters, students from partner universities receive an M. Tech from Amrita simultaneously receiving an MS from their home universities.

International students get to meet a large multicultural network of students, academicians, and professionals at Amrita University. The programs open up new career paths for students and enhance their employability.

Students from the following partner universities can attend the Dual Degree program:

For a complete list of M. Tech programs, please check the link below:

M. Tech Programs

Students from partner universities are requested to use the form on this page to enquire more about Amrita’s Dual Degree Programs. For more information, please write to Or

Students who wish to apply to Amrita but are not currently enrolled in one of our partner universities may apply to the University as regular, full-time, degree-seeking, international students. For further information on applying for a full-time degree, please go to the International Admissions page


Dr. Maneesha V. Ramesh
Dean, Center for International Programs
Ms. Sujatha Ram
Coordinator, Student Opportunities
0476 - 280 - 4160


Welcome to the Center for International Programs. We have many Dual Degree programs for students from partner universities. To qualify for any Dual Degree program, Postgraduate students can apply when they are attending their first semester of study at the home university. After completing two semesters at the home university, selected students attend Amrita university to complete two more semesters to earn their second degree. To express your interest in applying, please fill the form below. The International Office will get back to you shortly.