Ms. Priyanka Amulge, the CEO and Mr. Prajwal, Director from `Drop out Writing’ Bangalore, were invited for a seminar on Content Writing and Online Promotion on March 8, 2019, for the students of Integrated M. Sc. Semester II and B. Sc. Visual Media Semester IV. The objective of the program was to encourage writing skills and promote the same through social platforms like blog, Wordpress, travelogue, etc.

“There are abundant career opportunities for students who can write well and understand what the audience needs. The social media has brought more avenues for people to express which in-turn is rewarding in terms of good salary packages for content writing. Hence one needs to hone their writing skills to be an early bird in making a future in social media,” said Ms. Priyanka Amulge.

In his keynote speech, Mr. Prajwal outlined the new trends and the recent changes in content writing. He added that the new media provides ample opportunities for writers to showcase their work. Social media and blogging are other major areas he talked about. As a live activity, he conducted a tagline writing contest for the participants. Differences between good writing and a bad one were also illustrated.

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