Aniketh Girish and Akhil K. G. of the amFOSS club of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri campus, were speakers at the annual developer conference of KDE, “Akademy” - 2019, held at the University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy, from September 7-13, 2019.

Aniketh gave a talk on the topic "Strengthen Code Review Culture" describing the ways in which a strong, productive code review culture can have an impact on the fresh contributors. The talk gave an overview of the code review culture for project team leads and for community contributors as well. Aniketh spoke on how to effectively assimilate from code reviews and how to create more impact in reviews. 

Akhil gave a brief talk on his Google Summer of Code 2019 project with Kdenlive, titled “Revamping the Titler Tool”. He worked on starting the revamping one of Kdenlive’s most frequently used tools, called the Titler tool and his work for GSoC 2019 pertained to creating a stable backend for the Titler Tool.

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