New AUMS Office Inaugurated

A new AUMS office was inaugurated at the University Registrar’s office in Coimbatore. AUMS is the Amrita University Management System, an indigenously developed ERP package for managing all administrative university data, including student records, academic information, examination results, library transactions and HR data.

Dr. Krishnamoorthy, Registrar

“We are pleased that AUMS 3.0 has found wide acceptance among the user community at Amrita,” stated the Registrar, Dr. Krishnamoorthy. “What started as a student project several years ago has now evolved into a world-class product. We thank the faculty and staff at Amrita University for diligently providing user requirements. We congratulate the team at Amrita Technologies for patiently listening to us, converting our requirements into product specs to come up with this fine product.”

All big universities world-wide have deployed university management systems. Most have purchased commercial products available in the market, very few have developed their own solution in-house. An AUMS Support Team with representatives at every campus location will help ensure that this in-house product meets university needs as Amrita University continues to grow from strength to strength. For more information, please write to

December 17, 2008
Registrar’s Office, Coimbatore

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