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According to a recent survey, Hospital and Healthcare Management is among the top ten millennium professions. As healthcare management becomes increasingly challenging, there is a greater need for not only skillful doctors but also efficient Hospital Administrators. With increasing emphasis on quality of health care and patient satisfaction there is a tremendous need for persons with a professional qualification in Hospital Administration.

The healthcare campus of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham at Kochi offers this much sought after postgraduate professional course in Hospital Administration. The programme emphasizes on developing knowledge, skill and attitude pertaining to budding Hospital Managers. It also helps the candidates in developing expertise in planning and managing different types of hospitals and we equip them with problem solving skills as well.

With medicine becoming more and more technology dependent, and equipment- intensive, the need for a system driven approach to practise hospital administration has now become very crucial. Rising healthcare cost, procurement, optimum utilisation, maintenance and providing financially sustainable and affordable healthcare to the people will be the challenge that any hospital administrator will have to face.

An administrator’s prime role is to ensure that all these diverse systems and equipment ultimately serve the purpose of healing. Delivery of efficient services without intimidating the patient is the hallmark of a good hospital administrator and we prepare them to meet this need and be well-equipped to meet the future challenges.

The success of a hospital manager lies in several things- multidisciplinary conceptual skills to protect the medical profession and clients from unnecessary litigation, human resource development, quality and risk management, environment conservation, marketing and product diversification and logistic emergency management.

As Hospital Administrator, the emphasis is on quality, efficiency and cost containment that requires 100% commitment to ensure quality in- patient care, lowering the length of stay, decreasing resource utilisation and working with the medical and administrative staff to co- ordinate all aspects of in- house care.

Our MHA programme enables individuals to take on leadership roles by equipping them with training in Planning, HRM, Project and Hospital Operations Management, Hospital Policies, Practices, Acts & Committees, Financial Management, Quality Assurance, Material Management, Research, Public Health, Basic Medical Sciences, Marketing, Hospital Information System etc. Thus AIMS prepares a candidate to assume the responsibilities of Manager/ Asst. Hospital administrator/ Administrator in a government, semi government, corporate or charitable hospital to be a successful hospital administrator.

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