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International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, Volume 20, Number 3, p.697-702 (2010)



Analytic functions, Chaotic systems, Complex variable, Conservative systems, Cubic polynomials, Duffing equations, Hamiltonian systems, Hamiltonians, Lyapunov spectrum, Phase space methods, Phase space trajectory, Second orders, Space flight


<p>It is shown that, for analytic functions f, systems of the form z̈=f(z*,ż) and z̈=f(z)cannot produce chaos; and that systems of the form z̈=f(z* , ż *) and z̈=f(z,z*) are conservative. Eight simple chaotic systems of the form z̈=f(z, z*) with quadratic and cubic polynomial f(z, z*) are given. Lyapunov spectra are calculated, and the systems' phase space trajectories are displayed. For each system, a Hamiltonian is given, if one exists. © World Scientific Publishing Company.</p>


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Da Marshall and Sprott, J. Cb, “Simple conservative, autonomous, second-order chaotic complex variable systems”, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos, vol. 20, pp. 697-702, 2010.