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Dynamics of Premixed Hydrogen-Air Flames in Microchannels with a Wall Temperature Gradient

Authors : Dr. Ratna Kishore V., Nair, A.a; Kumar, S.b

Publisher :Combustion Science and Technology

Dynamic tracking of web activity accessed by users using cookies

Authors : Dr. Shriram K. Vasudevan, K. V. S. Jaharsh Samayan, and Balachandran, A.

Publisher :Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Dynamic Modeling and Control of UPFC for Power Flow Control

Authors : Dr. Sindhu Thampatty K. C., Parvathy S

Publisher :Elsevier, Procedia Technology

Dynamic mechanical properties of nanoclay filled TPU/PP blends with compatibiliser

Authors : Dr. Kannan M., K. Joseph; S. Thomas

Publisher :Plastics, Rubber and Composites, Maney Publishing

Dynamic facial emotion recognition from 4D video sequences

Authors : Dr. Suja P., Dr. Shikha Tripathi

Publisher :Contemporary Computing (IC3), 2015 Eighth International Conference on IEEE

Dynamic Context-specific User Profiles by Regression Modelling

Authors : Dr. Rajathilagam B., Murali, R., and Balaji, B.

Publisher :Proceedings of GSTF CGAT

Dynamic Context-based User Profiles by Regression Modeling

Authors : Dr. Murali Rangarajan, B. Rajathilagam; Balaji. B;

Publisher :of the 8th Annual International Conference on Computer Games, Multimedia and Allied Technology (CGAT 2015)

DW-F5: A Novel Formulation Against Malignant Melanoma from Wrightia Tinctoria

Authors : Dr. Lekshmi R. Nath, J. Antony, Saikia, M., .V, V., Lekshmi R Nath, Katiki, M. Rao, Murty, M. S. R., Paul, A., A, S., Chandran, H., Joseph, S. Margaret, S, N. Kumar., Panakkal, E. Jayex, I.V, S., I.V, S., Ran, S., S, S., Rajan, E., and Anto, R. John

Publisher :Scientific Reports

Dual encryption algorithm to improve security in hand vein and palm vein-based biometric recognition

Authors : Dr. Lalithamani N., M, S

Publisher :Journal of medical imaging and health informatics

DTMF based, Robotic Arm Design and Control for Robotic Coconut Tree Climber

Authors : Dr. Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Pathmakumar, T., Venugopal, T., Maruthiyodan, G., and Philip, A

Publisher :Computer, Communication and Control (IC4), 2015 International Conference on

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