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Medico-Legal Pocket Book for Casualty Medical Officers

Authors : Dr. Pillay V. V.

Publisher :Sharada Press, Mangalore

Critical Analysis of Panchavayava Vakya in view of Nyaya Darshana angd Ayurveda

Authors : Dr. Haritha Chandran, Ramadas P. V., Dr. Leena P. Nair, Priyada K. V.

Publisher :Nyayadarshanan as an undercurrent in Indian Literature

Biorthogonal wavelet filters for compressed sensing ECG reconstruction

Authors : Dr. S. Veni, Abhishek S., and Narayanankutty, K. A.

Publisher :Elsevier Ltd,

Parametric Study on the Performance of Centrifugal Pump – Forward Vane Type Using DOE

Authors : Dr. Radhika N., D.Prakash; C.Jegadheesan; T.Tamizharasan

Publisher :National Conference on “Fabrication and Processing of Composites and Light Materials

Rectangular Microstrip Antenna with PBG Structured Ground Plane

Authors : Dr. Sreedevi K. Menon, Aanandan, C. K., and Mohanan, P.

Publisher :First International Conference on Microwaves, Antennas, Propagation and Remote Sensing (ICMARS 2003 ).

Prescription drug suicide in non-abusers: A 6-year forensic survey

Authors : Dr. Anu Sasidharan, Asit Kumar Sikary; ; V.V. Pillay; Chittaranjan Andrade

Publisher :Asian Journal of Psychiatry

Intramolecular photorearrangement of a 2-alkenyl-4-chromanone to an oxapentacyclotetradecanedione

Authors : Late Dr. Asoke Banerji (Memorial Page), Kalena, Govind P; Pradhan, Padmanava P; Swaranlatha, Y; Singh, Tej P

Publisher :Elsevier

Traffic Prediction through Live GPS Data

Publisher :International Journal of Software and Web Sciences (IJSWS)

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