Liver function test is one of the commonly performed blood analyses. Colorimetric test for the estimation of liver enzymes and total proteins are well established. The objective of this project is to integrate all the colorimetric tests into a paper based micropad that requires very low sample volume. The fabrication of low-cost microfluidic devices based on paper are increasingly popular as they are inexpensive, simple to use, allow passive transport of fluids without active pumping and can easily take advantage of existing analytical techniques. Here a vertical flow design consisting of a filter capable of separating blood cells from plasma and a wax ink patterned on chromatographic paper with wells for each analyte has been designed. This design has advantages including small sample size, quick response, simple construction and less weight. Solutions of the reagents for the assays will be inkjet printed in the test zones and dried. Upon introduction of the sample, through capillary action the plasma (obtained after filtration) enters each well resulting in biochemical reaction and leads to color formation.

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Dr. T. G. Satheesh Babu
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Dr. Bipin Nair
Dr. T. Ramachandran



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