Project Incharge: 
Dr. Bipin Nair
Co-Project Incharge: 
Dr. T. G. Satheesh Babu
Biosensor Research Lab
School of Biotechnology
School of Engineering
Funding Agency: 

The joint effort by Amrita and Wipro has the goal of making diabetes care available, accessible and affordable for the Indian masses. Amrita and Wipro has envisaged a patient-centric solution wherein low cost diabetes care devices (glucose strips, glucometers & insulin pumps) will interact with users through mobile applications using the cloud gateway. Innovative features of the device will make diabetes management easier for Indian patients and physicians. While Amrita Institute has in-house capabilities of making innovative low-cost diabetes-care product prototypes, it understandably does not have expertise in incorporating these devices into an integrated infrastructure where the devices can act as touch points between the patient and the healthcare provider through smart interfaces. With a proven track record in fields like remote patient monitoring and cloud & mobile connectivity, Wipro has the perfect complementary expertise in making cloud gateway and infrastructure, device-to-application data transfer and interactive platforms. Thus the synergy between Amrita and Wipro promises to leverage their individual strengths and provide an integrated diabetes care solution.

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