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Algorithms and Computing Systems

Thematic Areas

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  • Pure & Applied Mathematics
  • Formal Methods & Program Analytics
  • Theoretical Computer Science & Complex Networks
  • Graph Theory and Combinatorics

Our Vision

“To nurture and foster researchers that have the aptitude and flair to develop newer and improvised algorithms applicable in different domains, carry out mathematical analysis with rigor, design techniques and tools that are founded on sound algorithmic and proof principles. “


Algorithms and Computing Systems
Dr. Sunder Ram K

Assistant Professor (Std. Track) Tag Lead

Algorithms and Computing Systems
Dr. Swaminathan J

Associate Professor

Algorithms and Computing Systems
Dr. Thushara MG

Assistant Professor (Sr. Grd.)

Algorithms and Computing Systems
Dr. Indulekha TS

Assistant Professor (Sr. Grd.)

Algorithms and Computing Systems
Ms. Lekshmi S. Nair

Assistant Professor (Sr. Grd.)

Algorithms and Computing Systems
Ms. Deepthi LR

Assistant Professor (Sr. Grd.)

Algorithms and Computing Systems
Ms. Kavitha KR

Assistant Professor (Sr. Grd.)

Algorithms and Computing Systems
Ms Siji Rani S

Assistant Professor (Sr. Gr.)

Collaborations & MoUs

Algorithms and Computing Systems
Dr. Kumar Vijay Mishra

U.S. DEVCOM Army Laboratory, Adelphi, Maryland

Algorithms and Computing Systems
Dr. Vijayan Sugumaran

Department of Decision and Information Sciences

Journal Article

Constellation Design With Hypercube Graphs

Authors : Sunder Ram Krishnan, B. M. Sadler,K. V. Mishra

Publisher : IEEE Signal Processing Letters

Real-time Influencer Detection In Twitter Using A Hybrid Approach

Authors : SijiRani, SangeethSajanBaby

Publisher : Elsevier

An Improved Link Prediction Approach for Directed Complex Networks Using Stochastic Block Modeling

Authors : Dr. Swaminathan J., Nair, Lekshmi S., Sai Pavan Krishna Nagam

Publisher : Big Data and Cognitive Computing

Static Analysis on Floating-Point Programs Dealing with Division Operations

Authors : Dr. Somasundaram K., Dr. Thushara M.G.

Publisher : International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications

Conference Paper

Enhanced Movie Recommendation using Knowledge Graph and Particle Filtering

Authors : Siji Rani S., T.T.Ajith,A.K. C.V,N.J,M.S.A. Subramanian

Publisher : IEEE

Conference Proceedings

Hypergraph based clustering for document similarity using FP growth algorithm

Authors : Siji Rani S., Nayana Ramakrishnan; Meenakshi Nair J.; Deepak Jayaprakash; H. Ananthakrishnan

Publisher : IEEE

A Novel Approach for Prediction of Air Pollutant Concentration

Authors : Deepthi L. R., Amruta C.G.; Devika Krishnan; Roshini S. Kumar; Sourav S.

Publisher : IEEE

PHPIL: Fuzzing the PHP Interpreter with Custom Bytecode

Authors : Deepthi L. R., Vignesh S Rao; Tarunkant Gupta; Saastha Vasan

Publisher : IEEE

Comparative Analysis of Graph Clustering Algorithms for Detecting Communities in Social Networks

Authors : Deepthi L. R., Menta Sai Vineeth, Krishnappa RamKarthik, M. Shiva Phaneendra Reddy, Namala Surya

Publisher : Springer

Generation of Call Graph for Java Higher Order Functions

Authors : Lekshmi S. Nair, Prathima Bedadala; Manasa D

Publisher : IEEE

Prediction and Comparative Analysis of Air Pollution in Major cities of India using Deep Learning Techniques

Authors : Deepthi L. R., Battula Bheemeswara Gopi Reddy; Chinthada Praveen; Marri Venkata Sai Kumar; Idamakanti Mani Raghavendra Reddy

Publisher : IEEE

Classification of Trust in Social Networks using Machine Learning Algorithms

Authors : Deepthi L. R., Athira Nair K; Gayathri Harikumar; Vissutha M P; D Ajanalakshmi

Publisher : IEEE

Personalized Fashion Recommendation Using Nearest Neighbor PageRank Algorithm

Authors : Urvi Sharma; G P Sajeev; S Siji Rani

Publisher : IEEE

Fall Detection Using Transformer Model

Authors : Deepthi L. R., K. Mohammed Sharook, Aswathi Premkumar, R. Aishwaryaa, J. M. Amrutha

Publisher : Springer

Link Prediction in Citation Networks: A Survey

Authors : Deepthi L. R., Radhika Dileep P

Publisher : IEEE

A Survey on Citation Recommendation System

Authors : Deepthi L. R., Reshma S Pillai

Publisher : IEEE

Citation Recommendation Using Deep Learning Approach

Authors : Deepthi L. R., Pillai, Reshma S.

Publisher : Springer

A Multi-Model Intelligent Approach for Rumor Detection in Social Networks

Authors : Lekshmi S. Nair, Nikita Mariam Santhosh; Jo Cheriyan

Publisher : IEEE

SIR-M Epidemic Model: A SARS-CoV-2 Perspective

Authors : Lekshmi S. Nair, Jo Cheriyan

Publisher : Springer

Comparison of Concurrent Program Behavior Using Java Interactive Visualization Environment

Authors : Dr. Swaminathan J., M. Shobitha, R. Prakash Sidharth, P. K. Sreesruthi, P. Varun Raj

Spatio-Temporal Prediction in Epidemiology Using Graph Convolution Network

Authors : Siji Rani S., Dhanyalaxmi, P., Akshay, A.S., Ananthakrishnan, K.M., Siva Sankar, A

Publisher : Springer

Influential Node Identification on an Multilayered Attributed Network

Authors : Deepthi L. R., Abhishek Bharadwaj Medicherla , Rithvik Vukka ,Sampat Srivatsav Jakkinapalli

Machine Learning for Translating Pseudocode to Python: A Comprehensive Review

Authors : Dr. Thushara M.G., Satya Prakash Tiwari; Shivam Prasad

Publisher : IEEE

Social Media Text to Formal Representation: A Knowledge Graph Approach

Authors : Lekshmi S. Nair, Yaswanth Phani Kommineni; Srilekha Somanchi; Boina Sai Pavan Kumar; Yash Ladani

Publisher : IEEE

Decoding Parallel Program Execution by using Java Interactive Visualization Environment (JIVE): Behavioral and Performance Analysis

Authors : Dr. Swaminathan J., A. A. Aziz; M. Unny; S. Niranjana; M. Sanjana;

Publisher : 2019 3rd International Conference on Computing Methodologies and Communication (ICCMC), IEEE

Interactive Exploration of Compact Sequence Diagrams – JIVE based approaches

Authors : Dr. Swaminathan J., N. S. Nair; A. Mohan;

Publisher : 2020 Third International Conference on Smart Systems and Inventive Technology (ICSSIT),

Synthesis, Analysis and Visualization of Networked Executions

Authors : Dr. Swaminathan J., K. Karippara; A. D. Nayar; V. Illikkal; N. Vasudevan;

Publisher : 2020 5th International Conference on Communication and Electronics Systems (ICCES)

A Hybrid Algorithm for Optimized Resource Allocation under Constrained Task Schedule

Authors : Dr. Swaminathan J., M. Pugalia; A. Ashok;

Publisher : 2020 Fourth International Conference on Computing Methodologies and Communication (ICCMC), IEEE,

AngErza: Automated Exploit Generation

Authors : Dr. Swaminathan J., Shruti Dixit;T K Geethna;Vipin Pavithran

Publisher : 12th International Conference on Computing Communication and Networking Technologies,

Visualization of Distributed Program Execution

Authors : Dr. Swaminathan J., Bhamidipati Satwik;Girija Manoj Kuma Kalakoti; Sai Rajendra Immadi

Publisher : 12th International Conference on Computing Communication and Networking Technologies

A Novel Approach for Meta-Search Engine Optimization

Authors : Siji Rani S., Goutham, S

Publisher : Ambient Communications and Computer Systems, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing

Book Chapter

Construction of Activity Diagrams from Java Execution Traces

Authors : Dr. Swaminathan J., Devi Sree Rajan;

Publisher : Ambient Communications and Computer Systems, In: Perez G., Tiwari S., Trivedi M., Mishra K.

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