Signal Processing Lab

Digital Signal processing (DSP) lab caters to the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Electronics and Communication engineering.  They offer students powerful techniques and tools to apply, synthesize, design, simulate and implement state-of-the-art solutions to modern engineering problems. Experimental activities cover fundamental concepts of digital signal processing such as sampling and aliasing, quantization, digital filter design and implementation. The lab provides hands-on experience in a way that integrates theory, software, hardware and applications. The lab is equipped with DSP trainer kits- TMS320C50 Based DSP Starter trainer kit, TMS320C6711 with CCS DSP Starter Kit, Hyper Signal DSP based on TMS320C30, TMS 320C50 based Evaluation board, MATLAB Software with all major toolboxes.  To enable hardware synthesis of DSP algorithms, tools like VIVADO System Edition and Xilinx Development Kit ATLYS – Spartan 6 [FPGA development kit], ANVYL – Spartan 6[FPGA Board] are recent additions in the DSP lab.

Some of the major research areas in the lab include

  1. Speech Processing
  2. Speaker Identification
  3. VLSI Signal Processing
  4. Disease Classification using Wavelet based algorithms
  5. Image Processing
  6. Bio Signal Processing
  7. Non Destructive Testing
  8. Wavelet based System development for Wireless Communication
Signal Processing Lab
Xilinx Spartan FPGA Board
Xilinx Zync FGPA Board

Radio Frequency Lab

The Radio Frequency (RF) lab emphasizes the electromagnetic applications in communication engineering. The lab is equipped with X band Microwave benches, Antennas, Signal generators like Klystron and Gunn diodes. The necessary Electromagnetic simulation tools are also available for practical and projects.

Some of the major research areas in the lab includes:

  1. Electromagnetic properties of Materials
  2. Microwave Absorbers
  3. Microstrip antennas and devices

Communication System Design Lab

The lab has the following facilities

  • Ettus Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP- N210) with modular architecture DC to 6 GHz that enables design and implementation of flexible software radio systems,
  • Tektronix Mixed Domain Oscilloscope (MDO-4000c) that is customizable and fully upgradable 6-in-1 integrated oscilloscope with synchronized insights into analog, digital and RF signals,
  • Digilent Analog discovery 2 a multi-function instrument that allows users to measure, visualize, generate, record and control mixed signal circuits of all kinds.
  • Computational resource Ansoft High Frequency Structural simulator (HFSS) that facilitate the design of antennas, RF/microwave components.
h4>USRP N-210

USRP N-210

MDO - 4000c

Analog Discovery 2

Computational Optimization and Innovation Lab

Machine Intelligence Lab


The live-in lab is an opportunity for the students to carryout independent research culminated to a practical setup or demonstration of a conceived idea.


  • To introduce an opportunity for the students to carryout independent research culminated to a practical setup or demonstration of a conceived idea.
  • It enables the students to Horner their technical potential to design, develop and realize a system based on the theoretical courses covered.
  • To engage and utilize the existing facilities / tools in full form in order to extract its full potentials.
  • To design, develop and realize new experiments for the program, including practical manuals.
  • To enable the students to try for out of the box thinking and realizing in their respective domains.
  • To introduce and implement new experiments or realizing new solutions for the existing problems.
  • To enable the students to provide technical solutions for real world problems and develop proto-type systems through Live-In labs.
  • To enable develop hardware/software interfaces in their respective domain.
  • Enable the students’ potentials to realize a proto-type system


  • Enable the students’ potentials to realize a proto-type system
  • Promote out of box thinking and realize independent research
  • New experiments utilizing the full potential of the lab facilities for future students
  • Improve the confidence and understanding for students and teachers of the concepts in practical aspects
  • Motivate the students and teachers for realizing new practical or projects
  • Drastic improvements will be visible in the approach of major projects.
  • Students will be engaged fully in laboratories and other establishments.

Biomedical Instrumentation Lab

Biomedical Instrumentation lab provides a platform for students and research scholars to explore on the various equipment and software tools for the design and analysis of analog circuits. The equipment hosted by the lab include: Scientech 2352A ECG trainer kit that provides a quick and accurate measurement of all 12 leads including both Unipolar and Bipolar configurations for verifying the performance of real-time ECG monitoring; Scientech 2355 EEG simulator trainer that offers a convenient means to observe and understand different measurement points and their combinational waveform in average recording mode and unipolar recording mode; “Measurement Computing" USB-1608FS-Plus Series- Data Acquisition (DAQ) device that provides simultaneous analog inputs with digital I/O and counter measurements; Scientech 4061S 10MHz synthesized function generator with features that include Direct Digital Synthesis technique to generate stable and accurate output, built in arbitrary waveforms that could be used in various applications like Biomedical, Mathematics, etc., internal modulation and built in linear sweep; Scientech 801 30MHz dual channel analog cathode ray oscilloscope with a vertical bandwidth that is more than adequate for all applications and a built-in component tester; NVIS 105CT 50MHz channel digital storage oscilloscope with storage capacity of up to 20 waveforms and 20 setups, built in Multimath Function and built in USB & RS232 Interface;. The lab also equips TINA circuit design and simulation software which is a powerful yet affordable circuit simulator and PCB design software package for analyzing, designing, and real time testing of analog, digital, HDL, MCU, and mixed electronic circuits and their PCB layouts.

Scientech 2352A ECG simulator
Scientech 2355 EEG simulator
USB-1608FS-Plus Series-DAQ
Scientech 4061S synthesized function generator
Scientech 801 analog CRO


Electronic Design Automation Tools(VLSI Design)

  • Synthesis tool from Xilinx.
  • Alter FPGA trainer kits.
  • Simulation tools like iverilog.
  • Synopsys tools.
  • Power optimization tools.
  • Vivado high level synthesis tool.
  • Cadence.

Design kits from UMC Foundry-Taiwan