Title of the Project Agency Starting Date & Completed Date Project Duration (Year) Status of the Project Fund Sanctioned (Rs.) Principal Investigator Co Investigators
Fault diagnosis of Dynamic mechanical systems (gear box) based on signal processing using machine learning techniques DRDO 16.06.2012
July 2015
3 Year Completed 28,89,000/- Dr. K. I. Ramachandran  Dr. M. Saimurugan, Dr. K. Rameshkumar, Mr. P. Krishankumar
Neural Network Modeling for Condition Monitoring of I.C.Engine using different composite flywheels IEI 10.11.2012
1 Year Completed 90,000/- Mr. Mahadevan Lakshmanan Mr. M. Karthik
Process Monitoring & Control of Ultra Precision Machining of Ti6 Al4 V Alloys DRDO 13.01.2010
2 Year Completed 14,00,000/- Dr. K. I. Ramachandran  Dr. K. Rameshkumar, Mr. P. Krishnakumar, Mr. A. Sumesh
Development of real time process control method based on neural network model using feed-back of weld pool geometric parameters measured by vision-based technique and experimental verification for automated welding process AICTE 26.02.2007
2 Year Completed 8,00,000/- Dr. R. Sellamuthu Dr. Sanjivi Arul, Dr. S. Ilangovan, Mr. R. Saravanan
Online testing of IC Engines (MODROB) AICTE 14.03.2007
2 Year Completed 10,00,000/- Dr. K. Mohandas Dr. S. Thirumalini
Modernisation of Metallurgy Laboratory for Mechanical Testing,Metal Forming and Quantitative Metallurgical Microstructure Analysis AICTE 17.02.2006
2 Year Completed 14,00,000/- Dr. K. Mohandas Dr. K. Rameshkumar, Dr. R. Sellamuthu
Development of a method to Control Ultraviolet Radiation in welding Processes DRDO 11.02.2004
3 Years Completed 15,45,000/- Dr. R. Sellamuthu Dr. Sanjivi Arul, Dr. S. Ilangovan, Mr. R. Saravanan 
Modernisation of Dynamics Laboratory for realtime vibration anaysis (MODROB) AICTE 20.02.2003
1 Year Completed 3,50,000/- Dr. Joshi C. Haran NA
Title of the Project Agency Starting Date & Completed Date Project Duration (Year) Status of the Project Fund Sanctioned Principal Investigator Co Investigator's
Investigation into the surface integrity of the Titanium Alloys during high speed machining ARDB (Under DRDO) 26.06.2014
2 Year On going 9,08,000/- Dr. K. I. Ramachandran  Mr. P. Krishankumar, Mr. A. Sumesh, Dr. M. Saimurugan
Machine Independent fault diagnosis a unified approach  DST 01.06.2014
3 Year On going 21,52,000/- Dr. K. I. Ramachandran  Dr. C. Santhoshkumar (ECE)
Indigenous development of functionally-graded aluminium metal matrix composites using centrifugal casting method and to investigate the mechanical and tribological properties DST 12.02.2013
3 Year On going 17,00,000/- Dr. N. Radhika Dr. S. Ilangovan
Development of Spinodal bronze, Bronze Matrix Composite and Functionally Gradient Bronze and Comparison of their Mechanical and Wear Properties DRDO 16.06.2012
3 Year On going 14,20,000/- Dr. R. Sellamuthu Dr. Sanjivi Arul, Dr. S. Ilangovan, Mr. R. Saravanan 
Synthesis and Characterization of Functionally Graded Copper Metal Matrix Composites DRDO  09.12.2015
2 Year On going 11,30,000/-  Dr. N. Radhika ** Dr. S. Thirumalini
Measurement of burning velocities of hydrocarbon hydrogen mixtures and application to premixed laminar burner design DST SERB  09.11.2015
3 Year ACCEPTED 25,90,850/-  Dr. V. Ratna Kishore **  
Title of the Project Agency Submitted Date & Completed Date Project Duration (Year) Status of the Project Grant Amount (Rs.) Principal Investigator Co Investigators
Study of Heat Transfer Characteristics of Nanofluids as Coolants for Automotive Application DST - (Nano Mission) 04.02.2014
3 Year Presented on 12th June 2015 44.94 Lakhs  Dr. S. Thirumalini Mr. M. Vivek, Mr. D. Senthil Kumar
Development of Particle Reinforced Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites for Slurry Erosive Wear Resistance- Naval Applications Naval Research Board (NRB) 14.10.2014
3 Year Presented on 5th June 2015 19.34 Lakhs  Dr. N. Radhika NA
A Low-cost hand and arm rehabilitation system DST  Oct-15
3 Year Submitted 24.16 Lakhs  Dr. N. R. Sakthivel, & Dr.Binoy B. Nair (main) Dr. G. Gnanasanmugam, Mr. K. Muthuvel
Low Cost Lift System for senior and Disabled Citizens at Rural and Peri-Urban Railway Stations  DST  Oct-15
3 Year Submitted 22.35 Lakhs  Dr. M. Elangovan  Dr. N. R. Sakthivel, Mr. S. Saravanamurugan
Development of Flux TIG, Pulsed TIG Technology for Dissimilar weldments and Corrosion Studies DST  Oct-15
3 Year Submitted 16 Lakhs  Dr. M. Arivarasu  
An Investigation on the corrosion behavior of cast spinodal Bronze (Cu-Sn-Ni) alloys Naval Research Board Dec-15
3 Year Submitted 13.8 Lakhs  Dr. Sanjivi Arul Dr. R. Sellamuthu, Mr. R. Saravanan
Technoeconomic Environmental Assessment of Greener Technologies for Road Transport and Power Generation to reduce Atmospheric Pollution and its Impact on Human Health In Delhi  NERC (MRC) UK 12. Dec 2015
3 Year Submitted 44.83 Lakhs  Dr. V. Ratna Kishore NA
Development of a Model for Evaluation and Assessment of Meanness of SMEs and Effective Large-scale Implementation of Lean Strategies DST 21.12.2015
3 Year Submitted 18.40 Lakhs Dr. P. G. Saleeshya Mr. P. Raghuram
January 2016 to July 2016
Development of Entropy alloys and detemination of their Mechanical Properties including Hardness and wear rate DRDO 21.03.2016
3 year Submitted 14.39 Lakhs Dr. R. Sellamuthu Dr.SanjiviArul, Mr.R.Saravanan
(Ref. No.ME/2016/001)
Detailed computational modelling and optimization of natural draught cook stoves DST - NOW 29.03.2016
4 year Submitted 60 Lakhs Dr. V. Ratna Kishore Dr. A. R. Srikrishnan
(Ref. No.ME/2016/002)
Development of Surface-Modified Carbon Steel by employing Advanced Surface Engineering Technique CPIR 12.04.2016
2 year Submitted 36.15 Lakhs Dr. R. Sellamuthu Dr. SanjiviArul, Mr. R. Saravanan
(Ref. No.ME/2016/003)
Powertrain Technology – Emission Analyser for Euro VI (FIST - 2016) DST (FIST - 2016) 28.05.2016
  Submitted Rs.149  Lakhs Will pay Agency  (Total Cast - 2.98 Core)  Dr. S. Thirumalini Dr. J. Gokulachandran
(Ref. No.ME/2016/004)
Experimental and Numerical Investigations on the Dynamics of Friction Oscillator Representative of Disc and Drum Brakes DST - SERB 29.07.2016
3 Year Submitted 36 Lakhs Dr. B. Santhosh Mr. Bipin Balaram
(Ref. No.ME/2016/005)
Cloud based hybrid pattern recognition approach for fault diagnosis of motor driven rotating machines using motor current signature analysis DRDO (ER & IPR) Sep-16
3 Year Submitted 309052/- Dr. M. Saimurugan Dr. K. I. Ramachandran, Dr. K. Rameshkumar, Mr. P. Krishnakumar
(Ref. No.ME/2016/006)
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of flame stabilization in porous media burner for hydrocarbon-hydrogen fuels DST (SERB) 15.10.2016
2 Year Submitted 37.3 Lakhs Dr. P. Parthasarathy Dr. V. Ratnakishore
Burning velocity measurment of biodiesel components using divergent chennal technique and Heat Flux Method DST (SERB) 15.10.2016
2 Year Submitted 33.8 Lakhs Dr. V. Ratnakishore Prof . Sudarshan Kumar
Development of Laser Surface Texturing technology for automotive application DSR - TSDP (ARCI Project) 28.09.2015
3 year Fund sanctioned on 26 February 2016 40.4 Lakhs Dr. Ravi Bathe, Scientist, ARCI Dr. G. Padmanabhan (Associate Director, ARCI), Dr. S. Thirumalini