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Agent based ground ight control using type-2 fuzzy logic and hybrid ant colony optimization to a dynamic environment

Authors : Poornaselvan, K. J., , Gireesh Kumar, T, Vijayan, V. P

Publisher : Emerging Trends in Engineering and Technology, 2008. ICETET'08. First International Conference on (pp. 343-348). IEEE.

An algorithm for k-error joint linear complexity of binary multi-sequences

Authors : M. Sethumadhavan , , M. Sindhu , , Chungath Srinivasan , , C. Kavitha

Publisher : Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences and Cryptography

Feature Based Classification System for JPEG Steganalysis

Authors : Shankar, D. D., , Gireeshkumar, T, Jithin, R

Publisher : Conference Proceedings RTCSP (Vol.10), (pp. 1 - 4).

Image Steganographic Scheme Based On Modied Triway PVD in Orthogonal Domain

Authors : Gireesh Kumar, T, Anna Alexander, , Jina Varghese, Sneha Johnson

Publisher : Indo-US Conference and Workshop on Cyber Security, Cyber Crime and Cyber Forensics, Aug 19-21, 2009.

An intelligent question answering conversational agent using Nave Bayesian classifier

Authors : Niranjan, M., , Saipreethy, M. S., , Gireesh Kumar, T

Publisher : Technology Enhanced Education (ICTEE),

Survey on various steganographic algorithms

Authors : Deepa, R, Nimmy, K, Thiruppathi, K., , Reshma R

Publisher : Proceedings of International Conference on Information and network technology

Rough multisets and information multi-systems

Authors : Girish, K. P., , Jacob John, S

Publisher : Advances in Decision Sciences

A more ecient and faster pairing computation with cryptographic security

Authors : Praveen, I, Sethumadhavan, M

Publisher : Proceedings of the first international conference on security of internet of things

Linear Complexity Measures of Binary Multi-sequences

Authors : Sindhu, M, Sindhu, M, Sethumadhavan, M, Sethumadhavan, M

Publisher : International Journal of Computer Applications, 62(16), (pp. 6-10).

An Application of Vector Decom- position Problem in Public Key Cryptography Using Homomorphic Encryption

Authors : Praveen, I., Sethumadhavan, M

Publisher : proceedings of International Conference on Emerging Research in Computing, Information, Communication and Applications - ERICA 2013 (pp. 328-331).

Optimally Locating for Hiding Information in Audio Signal

Authors : Premalatha, P, Premalatha, P, Amritha, P. P, Amritha, P. P

Publisher : International Journal of Computer Applications (0975- 8887), Vol. 65, No.14,(pp. 37-42).

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