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Flame-retardant properties of nanoclay-filled thermoplastic polyurethane/polypropylene nanocomposites

Authors : Kannan, Murugasamy; , Thomas, Sabu; , Joseph, Kuruvilla

Publisher :Journal of Vinyl and Additive Technology, Volume 23, Number S1, p.E72-E80 (2017)

Nanoreinforcement mechanism of organomodified layered silicates in EPDM/CIIR blends: experimental analysis and theoretical perspectives of static mechanical and viscoelastic behavior

Authors : Meera Balachandran, Narayan Chandra Das, Sanjay Remanan, Neelesh Ashok

Publisher :Composite Interfaces, Taylor & Francis, Volume 28, Number 1, p.35-62 (2021)

Microchannel Heat Exchanger for High Temperature Solar Cogeneration Unit

Authors : Ragula; U.B.

Publisher :Number 8758 .

Tuning parameters for flame-retardant coatings on wood and polymer

Authors : Kannan M, Sarathiraja M, Sriram Devanathan

Publisher :IConAMMA 2018, Materials Today: Proceedings, Bengaluru .

Titanium Nitride Blended Graphene Nanoplatelets as Low-cost and Efficient Composite Counter Electrode for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells

Authors : D. Kumaresan, T. Mohan, K. G. Baiju, B. Murali

Publisher :2018 ieee international conference on system, computation, automation and networking (icscan).

Carbon Quantum Dot-Polypyrrole Nanocomposite for Supercapacitor Electrodes

Authors : Shiva Sagar Mittal, Gouri Ramadas, Nandika Vasanthmurali, VS Madaneshwar, M Sathish Kumar, Nikhil K Kothurkar

Publisher :IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (IConAMMA 2018) .

Polymer-iron tungstate-reduced graphene oxide nanocomposites for microwave absorption

Authors : M Sanjay Krishna, S Balaji, G Vadamalai Raj, PA Pravin, M Sathish Kumar, Nikhil K Kothurkar, Prasanna Ramani, B Sabarish Narayanan, Arjun Moorthy

Publisher :IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering (IConAMMA 2018).

Studies on supersonic cold spray deposition of microparticles using a bell-type nozzle

Authors : K.Harihara Sudhana, G.Krishna Prasada, Nikhil K.Kothurkar, A. R. Srikrishnana

Publisher :Elsevier

CFD Analysis of Turbulence Effect on Reaction in Stirred Tank Reactors

Authors : Udaya Bhaskar Reddy Ragula, Gopalakrishnan

Publisher :Chemical Engineering Science

Electrochemical Sensing of Phenytoin by Thermally Reduced Graphene Oxide

Authors : Prem Anandh, Rangarajan, M., Kothurkar, N

Publisher :Indian Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry,The Royal Society of Chemistry

Mechanical and Sorption Behaviour of Organo-modified Montmorillonite nanocomposites based on EPDM – NBR Blends

Authors : N. Ashok, Webert, D.,, Suneesh, P. V., , Dr. Meera Balachandran

Publisher :Proceedings of International Conference on Advanced Materials SCICON’16 . Department of Sciences

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