A multidisciplinary experiential learning program for the development and deployment of sustainable solutions for current challenges faced by rural communities in India

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Amrita SeRVe

Teaching villagers the skills they need to live and building communities that are prosperous and self-reliant.

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Ammachi Labs

Creating innovative educational tools and skill development solutions to help uplift entire communities with a special focus on women empowerment

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Applying innovative digital solutions to provide accessible and affordable educational technologies for all

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Promoting sustainable and environment-friendly food habits in educational institutions

Swastha Kanya Sakshar Kanya: Empowering rural India by caring for its girls

Disaster Management

Transforming disasters into opportunity through a human-centered compassion driven framework

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Managing a network of SHGs for self-reliance, employment, and empowerment of women in rural areas



To clean public areas, introduce proper waste management and reduce the carbon footprint through awareness drives and massive clean-up programs with community participation

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Wind Energy

Wind energy center to harness renewable energy. This center has 2 key objectives A.Manpower development for the wind power industry and 2. Laboratory facility development for wind power

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Initiative for the youth to use scientific and technological skills for serving the society. This effort encourages students to explore the real creativity within. This platform is a great way to channel the energy of youth and encourages a future interest to serve society in a wide variety of scientific fields.

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Organic gardening in Amritapuri began with the cultivation of spinach and ladyfinger and in time, also cultivated potatoes, radishes, tomatoes, and brinjals. Until now it has also successfully produced lovely ladyfingers and spinaches.


Amrita Center for Responsible Innovations and Sustainable Enterprises

Bringing together researchers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines to better understand and promote social innovation, social entrepreneurship, sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices for creating responsible enterprises that live sustainability through promoting environmental, social and community well-being.

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Center of Excellence in Advanced Materials and Green Technologies (COE-AMGT)

Center for research and development for activities in the broad areas encompassing the individual developments in or integration of advanced materials and green technologies based on material synthesis, material characterization, material modification, and innovative methodologies of application.

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Center to promote research and innovation in natural medicine. Key Objectives of this center are Conceptual Foundations of Ayurveda, Development of Research Methodologies for Ayurveda, Clinical Practice Outcomes Studies, Designing and implementing rigorous clinical trials to evaluate complex treatments, Biological Mechanism of Action Studies, Network Pharmacology research to understand the complexity of Ayurvedic formulations, Integrative Medicine research and development of Integrative Medical Care guidelines.

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Green Energy

Our Green Energy lab is currently focused on the development of Microbial Fuel cells, Dye Sensitized solar cells and Micro fluidic biosensors.

The lab aims at a strong interdisciplinary research by joining hands with the expertise from the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Microbiology and Electrical Engineering


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Sanitation Biotechnology

Sanitation Biotechnology directed towards developing appropriate bacteriophage and similar biocontrol technologies of disinfection catering to the needs of developing nations where poor sanitation causes huge malnutrition problem.

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Amrita Sanjeevani

To develop in students a realistic knowledge and understanding of the society in which they are living, their obligations to it and Mother Nature as a whole and thereby induce in them the attitude of selfless service. 

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Sustainable Future

Amrita Centre for Sustainable Future is the Centre initiated to solve the major problems of the world such as the Energy crisis, Food Shortage etc. The core areas are Sustainable food Systems, Energy and Environment, Technologies for Rural Development and Innovation and Implementation skills. Sustainable Development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Amrita RITE

Rural India Tablet enhanced Education to bridge the increasing technology and education divide between urban and rural areas of India. Amrita RITE advocates for education and awareness-building from early childhood with the aim of achieving holistic development, and is now active in 41 centers in 21 states across the nation, benefiting both children and adults, including ethnic and indigenous groups.

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Environmental Studies

Centre to protect the biodiversity and natural resources especially in the Western Ghats ecosystem and to practice and spread the message of protection of all types of natural resources for posterity.

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Purified Clean Drinking Water Initiative aims to install drinking water filtration systems in 5,000 villages and provide clean drinking water to over 10 million people throughout India. This project utilizes a community cost-sharing model for the operation and sustainable management of the systems.

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