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About the school

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The beginnings of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham can be traced to 1994 when a School of Engineering was started in an obscure village named Ettimadai, at the foothills of Bouluvanpatty ranges of the Western Ghats in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu.

At that time there were 120 students and 13 faculty members. Today, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham has five campuses in three different states of India. There is a student population of over 12,000 and faculty strength of nearly 1500. Over 120 UG, PG and doctoral programs are offered.

When Amrita became a “deemed to be University” in January 2003, it was the youngest group of institutions to be conferred this status. As Amrita’s first campus, Coimbatore is home to the administrative headquarters of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham.

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Schools of Engineering and Business, in addition to Departments of Social Work and Communication, are located on this campus. Research centers include AMBE, CEN, CES and Cybersecurity. The campus has nearly 3500 students and about 600 faculty and staff members.

This sprawling 400-acre campus is often likened to an oasis in a desert. Massive tree-planting and forestation activities undertaken over the past decade have converted the once-barren land into a lush green and beautiful place.

A lot of emphasis is placed on eco-friendly and conservation practices. Waste water from the hostels and faculty and staff quarters is treated using EM; no chemicals are used in the process. Organic fertilizers are made using vermi-compost, pesticides have been avoided since the very beginning. The tranquil surroundings, away from the pollution and the bustle of city life, are home to several exotic birds, including parrots and peacocks.

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Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham is a world class, research intensive institution with national and international reputation as an educational institution providing higher education in an ambience rooted in rich Indian culture and heritage. Based in the Coimbatore campus, the research centers are envisioned as a platform to encourage and enhance research among the faculty of Amrita Schools of Business, Communication, Engineering and Social Work.

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Campus Life

“My life at Amrita has etched such subtle memories that it has been difficult realize the impact during my actual process as a student during a four year course. I know, however, that years later I will reflect and cherish the opportunities I gained. At one of the most crucial and formative stages of my life, I consider myself most fortunate to be exposed to such a richly, multifaceted and educative influence. I know that I am evolving in a way that determines my future positively; our campus offers a diverse, dynamic platform for personality development.

The ambience on Amrita’s campus needs no description for those who have experienced it. Placed in a serene setting right in the lap of nature, we are provided with an environment that in so many ways is so conducive for growth. As it is secluded from all sources of pollution, its pristine atmosphere soothes the mind, facilitates good health and whets one’s appetite for learning.

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Amrita’s world-class infrastructure furnishes us with highly equipped laboratories, a state-of-the-art PARAM 10000 supercomputer, very stable and well connected campus networks, a rich intranet digital library, a marvelous library with a large collection of books and journals, vast recreational facilities, a modern gymnasium, well-maintained tennis, badminton and basketball courts and an Olympic-size swimming pool. As students we take pride in the fact that we can effectively utilize these advantages for our optimum development.

As Amrita residents, we have the good fortune to share life with a refined and diverse student population. It is common knowledge that the company we keep bears a great influence. A very crucial aspect of campus life is the ability to connect with other students and develop lasting friendships. This need is fulfilled because Amrita’s student population maintains a very positive energy and exerts a healthy influence on anyone who’s a part of it. And our college boasts of a rich, multicultural and diverse intra-campus society, with students from many parts of the country in attendance.

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Extracurricular activities at Amrita such as organizing campus programs, running errands to seek approvals and permissions, hostel duties and assignments and walks on the campus grounds are a few of my warm, lasting memories. Many of these activities, in addition to being enjoyable, contribute towards the blossoming of one’s personality, as they involve valuable interaction with various people at various levels, and can hone one’s managerial skills. In some cases, extracurricular activities have given me the opportunity to meet eminent personalities who visit the campus as honoured guests.

Life in our well-maintained hostels provides recreational facilities such as table tennis courts, reading rooms and TV rooms which are part of every hostel on the campus. Hostel buildings are well constructed to ensure good ventilation and light in each room. I will fondly remember and value time spent with friends in the hostels, a unique experience that life at home could not extend.

Amrita is an educational experience to look forward to for those joining, and a place to remember dearly, for those leaving. This unparalled experience leaves an indelible mark of joy and growth on any person who treads the Amrita path.”

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