Amrita Mobile Health Solution [AMHS] focuses on two main aspects of healthcare, personal healthcare and primary healthcare. The personal healthcare aspect focuses on the following areas:

a) Consultational advice – the user will be provided with an interface in his mobile in which he can enter the readings of pressure and sugar level and it will be stored in the user's database. If a similar pattern of information is entered for 3 or more days, then the mobile can show a message indicating whether to consult the doctor or whether his values are normal or not. Here the mobile will be acting as a knowledge base.

b) Reminders for medicine patterns – Alarms can be set on the time when the medicine has to be taken. It will display which medicine has to be taken and also its dosage.

c) Monitoring medica>tion of elders – An UI can be created in which the user has to tap the button after he had taken a particular medicine. It can be set as on tapping the button the information that he had taken a particular medicine will be sent to the intended person and also the information will be stored in the user's database.

d) Monitoring daily lifestyle – It focus on recording the person's pressure and sugar level, intake of medicines etc on a daily basis and by analyzing these data the medical officer can monitor the lifestyle of the person and can advice on improvements if needed.

The primary healthcare aspect focuses on the following areas:

a) Child and maternal care – It focuses on maternal and childcare. Our main focus is to help prevent various diseases like tuberculosis, diphtheria, pertusis, tetanus, polio and measles in children by timely alerting the parents about the date and time of vaccination via mobile. The information whether the vaccine has been given or not will be recorded in the user's as well as healthcare office's database so that it can prove useful in future. It also focuses on maternal care. The details regarding the pregnant women will be stored in the healthcare office's database and they will be alerted regarding the various injections and vaccines to be taken during the maternity period

b) Early learning of outburst of epidemics – By monitoring the data received from the people, the medical officer can detect the outburst of any epidemics at a very early stage.

c) Location based tracking of epidemics – By monitoring the data received from the people, the medical officer can find out in which area a particular disease is getting spread.

d) Identifying possible candidate for a particular disease – By monitoring the lifestyle of a person the medical officer can detect the chances of any disease in future.

e) Awareness messages – This module provides with the message sending facility to all the registered users informing them about medical camps, health tips and other health care related information.

System architecture is shown below.


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