Quick advancement in wireless communication devices and systems like mobile phone technology has had a significant impact on the health care industry. One such important application is to monitor patient's health status at anytime and anywhere. In this paper we propose an emergency medical service system which can be used for DHA (Disaster hit areas). The proposed system can measure the vital parameters of the patient without the requirement of an elaborate patient monitoring system which consumes a lot of power, time, space and experts to setup the system. The system is designed such that it is easily portable, power efficient and user-friendly mode of operation for the ease of usage in a disaster hit area. Also for the communication with far away expert doctors the system needs wireless network connection (WNC) namely GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication). One of the paramount considerations in the design is to make the device compact and portable as well as to minimize power consumption.

System architecture is shown below.


Team Members

Leader Of the Team Faculty Student


Rajesh Kannan Megalingam


Abishek T. K.


Savya Sugunan