Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham established the Center of Excellence in Advanced Materials and Green Technologies in May 2013, based on a grant awarded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). It is housed in the Amritanagar, Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) campus.

The Centre of Excellence (COE) is engaged in research and development activities in the broad areas encompassing the individual developments in, or an integration of, advanced materials and green technologies based on material synthesis, material characterization, material modification, and innovative methodologies of application.

The cross-disciplinary nature of the effort has brought together researchers in the departments of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Chemistry, Physics, Computational Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Center for Environmental Sciences.


Under the auspices of the centre, researchers are working on the development of novel materials in a number of applications that include, but are not limited to, bio-sensors, new & renewable energy, biological entities for low cost detoxification and treatment of drinking water and industrial effluents, optimization of waste water treatment, synthesis and applications of bio-surfactants, development of novel porphyrins for optoelectronic materials, drugs for cancer, development of lead-free solder materials and their electro-deposition in integrated circuits, electro-deposition of alloy coatings to replace hexavalent chromium, synthesis of carbon nano tubes, nano composite solar cells, and artificial photosynthesis. 

Additionally, they are engaged in fundamental experimental and theoretical research aimed at gaining an in-depth understanding of the complex interactions between materials and their environments of application. Future plans include development of bio-nano-materials for mitigation of toxicity of novel nano-materials, bio-nano-encapsulation for enhanced delivery of actives (cleansing agents, antimicrobials, fragrances, etc.) and extraction of toxics and odours.

The team comprises a set of dedicated, highly qualified, widely experienced, motivated researchers well aligned to deliver on the vision and mission identified for the center.

Another major focus of the center is the development and delivery of quality post graduates via the program of M. Tech. Materials Science & Engineering. Electives related to Green Technologies, Solar Energy, Sustainable Development, and other special topics are offered to students at the Undergraduate (UG) and PG levels. The establishment of the center enriches the quality of practical training provided to both UG and PG students in the areas of Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Environmental Science & Engineering, etc., while also facilitating a high quality of research output from Ph. D. students in these areas.


To be a global leader in research and develop expertise in the synthesis, characterization,modification of materials and development of green materials and technology solutions


The centre strives towards developing a world-class facility staffed with a resource pool working on cutting-edge and novel fundamental problems related to materials synthesis, characterization, & modification, and will deliver green and innovative materials technology solutions. The experts in the centre strive to train and develop manpower in the area of materials science.