Dr. K. Narayanan Unni started his career with Government Dental College, Calicut as Tutor in 1976.

He has worked in various government dental colleges in the State and retired from the services in 1999 as Professor and HOD of Department of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics from Government Dental College, Calicut.

Presently working as Chairman, Amrita School of Dentistry. He has guided 3 batches of postgraduate students and 10 batches of BDS students, out of which six batches have already passed out.


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S. Ra Sreeram, P., P. Singh V., Thomas, Pa, K. Unni, N., and Tharani, Sb, “Management of 35 % hydrogen peroxide exposure to naked eyes: A case report and review”, International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences, vol. 6, pp. B417-B420, 2015.[Abstract]

Exposure of strong acids to eyes is a rare uneventful situation. This case reports one such case where accidental exposure of dental bleaching agent which contain 35 percent of hydrogen peroxide to patients naked eyes in a dental office which was successfully managed without any corneal damage.

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La Mathew, K. Unni, N., and , “A Mathematical Derivation to Prove Reduced Denture Retention in V Shaped Palate”, Journal of Indian Prosthodontist Society, pp. 1-3, 2013.[Abstract]

The impact of oral health on the quality of life of older individuals have significantly increased over the last few decades. Edentulism substantially affect oral and general health and overall quality of life. Complete denture retention is the resistance to displacement of the denture base away from the ridge which is the main source of psychological comfort for the patient. Special retention problems are seen in patients exhibiting highly tapered steep palatal vault. In these cases a metal base or subsequent bench cure reline procedure would be incorporated into the initial treatment plan. In this article, we have derived a mathematical proof for the clinical experience that reduction in the palatal angle, results in lesser denture retention. © 2013 Indian Prosthodontic Society.

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