Ph.D, MA, BA

Dr. M. Ramakrishnan currently serves as Visiting Faculty in Amrita Darshanam (International Centre for Spiritual Studies) in Amritapuri campus. He obtained his Ph. D. in Philosophy on the topic “The New Humanism of M. N. Roy - A Critical Study” from University of Calicut. He completed Post- doctoral Research on “Ecosophy - Dialogue between the Premodern and the Postmodern” with a National Fellowship of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi in 2002. He also completed Associateship of Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla in two terms in 1992 and 1998. He was Former Associate Professor of Philosophy and Head of the Department at Govt. Brennen College Thalassery. He has presented 18 papers at various seminars, conferences and workshops over three decades.


Publication Type: Book

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Publication Type: Journal Article

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