Dr. S. Dinesh Babu, Assistant Professor (Sr.Gr.) and Head, Department of Visual Media and Communication, was invited as a keynote speaker at the 1st International Conference on Journalism and Decision-Making (IJCON 2020). The conference was hosted by the Faculty of Mass Communication, Ahram Canadian University, Egypt from October 28-29, 2020. Dr. S. Dinesh Babu attended the two-day conference and delivered a keynote talk on “Mobile Journalism and its Role during COVID-19”. Considering the existing situation of COVID-19 pandemic, a major strategy to evolve is harmonizing with the condition and thus Mobile Journalism (MoJo) plays an indispensable role in the future of journalism.

Three Ph.D. scholars also from the department presented their research papers at the conference. The contributions of Aswathy Alex on " A Critical Study on the Negative Impacts of Media Trials on the Bollywood Film Industry ", Ann Jacob's endeavor on " The Study of Formation and Development of New Media over Traditional Media: Online Portals and it Reaches among the Public " and Shola Lohit's yield on " A Study on the Importance of Visual Representation of Climate Change in the Newspaper Medium in India" were presented in the virtual conference. In spite of COVID-19 impediments, these three Scholars were guided by Dr. P. Ravindranath and Dr. S. Dinesh Babu, reinforcing the importance of research and education.

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