Amrita School of Pharmacy signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Akesiss Pharma (Megasys Biotek) on  November 21, 2019. The first meeting was conducted as part of the MoU. Students' internships and collaborative projects were discussed. It was mentioned that the internship period will be for 2 weeks starting by the second week of January. During these 2 weeks, students can rotate in the different departments at the factory and learn. Also in the process, they can be given small tasks to be completed. These can be to solve certain problems faced in the production plant or to do an intense literature search on certain aspects. 

Dr. Sabitha M., Principal, School of Pharmacy, also mentioned that some of the institution's current research projects such as brain drug delivery, insulin delivery through ophthalmic route and advanced ocular delivery systems can be done as mutual collaborative projects. The company is also interested in formulation studies which can be done by students with the assistance of the faculty. The company expects training courses for its staff in a few areas. The School has agreed to invite them as delegates for the forthcoming workshops and training sessions. 

The School shall also provide academic consultancy on suitable technical issues. Delegates from the company will be invited to participate in forthcoming workshops on the design of experiments (DOE) and an international symposium on the “Global Pharmaceutical Market”. Finally, it has been decided that a meeting will be conducted between college and company every 6 months to review developments and take additional steps based on that.

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