A tree is strong only when its roots are deep enough”.

The alumni meet, Amrita Smriti 2019, of Amrita School of Pharmacy was held on December 21, 2019. The event witnessed the gathering of alumni of B. Pharm., Pharm. D. and M. Pharm.

The function commenced by evoking the blessings of the Lord Almighty, with a prayer song by Pharm. D. 2016 batch. Masters of ceremony were Mr. Aadithya S. (B. Pharm 2016 batch) and Ms. Swathy S. Samban (Pharm. D. 2016 batch). The gathering was welcomed by Ms. Remya Reghu (Faculty Alumni Coordinator, Amrita School of Pharmacy), who is also alumina of 2008 M. Pharm. batch. Dr. Sabitha M. (Principal, Amrita School of Pharmacy) gave the presidential address. She stressed on the need of alumni to actively come forward and take initiatives to connect with each other and sharing more information related to placements for fellow alumni as they can be a great networking resource. The auspicious lamp lighting ceremony by the dignitaries became the formal inauguration of the meet.

Amrita Smriti 2019 was also blessed by the presence of Dr. P. G. Nayar (Nodal Officer, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences). She attended the program on behalf of Mr. M. N. Gopalakrishnan Nair (Campus-level Alumni Coordinator). In her speech, she mentioned the importance of alumni meets and suggested to create a core committee for making necessary arrangements for attracting more number of alumni students to the future meets. This was followed by a video presentation showcasing the old photos of alumni and the growth of the campus over the years. Before getting into the fun segments, all came together for the cake cutting. Since it was also the Christmas season, this became a moment of joy for everyone, sharing the Christmas cake along with pleasantries. Many came forward to share their experiences about the college and hostel life and the fun moments they had while in Amrita. Some of them were Mr. Vineeth Ajayakumar (B. Pharm. 2011 batch), Dr. Elizabeth C. Ninan (Pharm. D. 2012 batch), Mr. Anand P. (Faculty, Alumni B. Pharm. 2010 batch), Dr. Abhijith S. (Pharm. D. 2010 batch), Ms. Anila K. N. (Faculty, alumni M. Pharm. 2010 batch) Ms. Veneta Simon and Ms. Aathira Viswam (B. Pharm. 2013 batch), Ms. Anju Narayanan (B. Pharm. 2006 batch), Dr. Jini James and Dr. Sangita Sudhir (Pharm. D. 2011 batch).

Various games were conducted as part of the meet like dumb charades and lucky draw. The Principal also actively participated in the dumb charades round. All the alumni students took part in the games and the winners were awarded by the principal and other faculty members. This was followed by energetic dance performances by the students of both Pharm. D. 2016 and 2018 batches at the end of which all the alumni students also joined them. The meet was concluded by a vote of thanks by Ms. Joann Sabu (Pharm. D. 2016 batch). Owing to the wonderful moments shared together in happiness all the alumni students were rewarded with a return gift by the Principal which ended with a group photo session.

An Alumni Meet is a gathering of graduates of an institution and it is a moment when the institution feels proud of seeing its successful alumni. During the meet, the alumni community shares the experiences they have gathered in the outside world since the day they stepped out of the institution. Through such meetings, alumni can recommend programs to prospective students, connect current students to job opportunities, and contribute significantly to building an institution’s legacy.

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