Ramayanam Day was observed on August 11, 2014, at the auditorium of School of Arts and Sciences, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Kochi. Swami Purnamritananda Puri blessed the occasion. Lot of students participated, and prizes were awarded. Sri. K. B. Sreekumar, General Manager, Janma Bhoomi, delivered a lecture. A project to popularize Malayalam reading “Amritam Malayalam” , was launched on the occasion and a copy of Janma Bhoomi daily was blessed and received by Sri. K. B. Sreekumar from Swami Purnamritananda Puri. The selected students and staff enacted different characters of Ramayana. Raksha Bandhan was also celebrated on the last day of one-week celebration of Samskriti Dinangal 2014.

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