There is a growing demand in India and abroad for trained post graduates in the field of clinical nutrition and food science for positions in the health care centers, local government, food industries and research and development. Countries all over the world recognize the important role nutrition in improving health and preventing disease and have prioritized nutrition and diet within their national health plans.

The Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Food Science is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree, in nutrition who want to embark on a career as a registered dietitian.

Why this Program?

  • First college in the State to start the program in a teaching hospital which enables the students to have clinical exposure during the time of education.
  • There is a growing need for suitable qualified Clinical Nutritionists and this program provides training in evidence based nutritional practice.
  •  Students have the opportunity to assess nutritional needs of patients and discuss the contribution of nutrition, cause, progress and treatment of their disease and communicate the nutritional aspects of clinical care to health professionals. 


  • To impart knowledge and develop capacities of the students through state of the art higher education in the area of Clinical Nutrition, Medical Nutrition Management .To develop students to become health care professionals for services in various fields of clinical nutrition and related areas such as hospitals, academics, research, industry, community service. 
  • To develop capacities and abilities and enable them to pursue higher education and research in Clinical Nutrition and Food Science.

Program Structure 

  • Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences is a specialized centre offering tertiary level super specialty services over a range of specialty disorders. The M.Sc program in Clinical Nutrition and Food Science is designed and focuses on theory and techniques of nutritional education, management and care and scientific principles upon which to plan nutritional therapy.
  • With the infrastructure of the hospital, a very prospective program is credited in AIMS that would enable the students to strive for professional competence, productivity and services to society. This educational experience will consist of guided professional settings, organized self‐directed study, active participation in classroom, case studies, journal club and clinical laboratory experiments.
  • Students will be exposed to professional settings in the hospital, intensive lectures, rotation through various clinical specialties, develop a unique ethnic and moral value system that would make them competent as an entry level nutritionist/ dietitian. 

Clinical case studies

The clinical case studies provide training in evidence based nutritional practice for students. Students assess and evaluate the medical history of patients with particular reference to nutritional needs in a detailed, in depth manner, with reference to national and international guidelines, current literature and current treatment protocols.

Career Prospects in: 

  • Multi speciality hospitals, clinical care facilities.
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Community clinics, including women, infants and children and community‐oriented Primary care
  • Pharmaceutical and nutritional product development companies
  • Sports and wellness facilities
  • Government and Private Consultant/ Practitioner


For any course related enquiries, please contact, 

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