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International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Volume 9, Number 10, p.1347-1357 (2014)



Voice over IP (VoIP) systems is a popular technology for transmitting voice traffic over IP networks in the 3G world. VoIP is an efficient mode of communication; on a smaller scale it can also be a useful solution for businesses looking to trim their telephone expenses. In spite of its advantages, it is subjected to different kinds of intrusions. There have been enormous strides made in the field of intrusion detection systems (IDS) for different components of the information technology infrastructure. VoIP systems pose several new challenges to the existing IDS. We introduce Cross-Layer Mechanism and a fresh Intrusion Detection system which can be extended to other Intrusion Detection Systems. This system requires aggregation of protocols and is very efficient for VoIP systems because they involve multiple protocols and several attacks are based on sequences that cross protocol boundaries. Since VoIP systems use multiple application layer protocols, horizontal cross-protocol correlation is required. The architecture of the system proposed monitors all incoming network traffic and is classified into events. The events can potentially have state information and encapsulate information from multiple packets. The protocols used are SIP for call management and RTP for real-time audio data transfer. And our main concentration would be on Denial-Of-Service attacks.


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Ramya U. M., Jagathish, B., Kamalakannan, K., Prashanth, S., V. Saranya, S. Chandra, and Subathra, K., “Intrusion detection system in VoIP”, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, vol. 9, pp. 1347-1357, 2014.